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ATPM 7.01
January 2001


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About This Particular Web Site

by Paul Fatula,

Peter’s Evil Overlord List

Planning on starting off the new year with world domination? Being an Evil Overlord can be difficult to pull off in this world of superheros, armies, and law enforcement; and anyone who spends much time at the movies can tell you that the odds aren’t in your favour. But if you follow the top 100 pointers given on this site, and the further lists in “Cellblock A” and “Cellblock B,” you just might have a chance…but if you fail, perhaps you’ll at least survive long enough to submit a pointer of your own.


Ever noticed how rarely the popular news media report about what’s going on in the space program? About all you see in the newspapers these days is a brief paragraph about a shuttle taking off or landing, and TV news doesn’t even bother reporting that. SpaceViews reports events, discoveries, and other matters relating to space. It’s not afraid to get technical when it’s warranted, though it always remains readable for the non-expert. Perhaps best of all, many articles are followed with links to related articles and Web sites, allowing you to explore the history of a subject you find interesting.

IBVA Technologies

Mice and keyboards have been around a long time. Voice control is newer, but if you really want to push the limits, how about brain control? IBVA stands for Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyser, and yes, you can buy one. While you can’t control your mouse pointer with it, you can create music, control movies, and play a game. (No, I’m not just writing about this in hopes of getting a review copy.)

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie Homepage

Using your brain to control computers is all well and good, but turn the tables and you have the stuff of nightmares. If you fear computers, people, or aliens taking control of your brain with “electromagnetic psychotronic mind-control carriers,” you’d better rush to this page and build yerself a beanie. Not only will you find detailed instructions for making an AFDB out of common household objects, but the page also lists warning signs that your pets may be victims of mind control.


Think the Smurfs went out with the 80s? No way! Thanks to eSmurfs, you can purchase many of the smurfs you played with years ago, as well as the latest smurf figurines. You can also download the smurfs theme song (regular and techno versions); sign up for a free smurfy e-mail address; read about Peyo, the creator of smurfs; and learn how smurfs are made. Yes, you smurf-haters out there can buy Gargamel figures here too.

Computer Stupidities

Anyone who occasionally (or professionally) helps novices with their computers will find quite a few laughs here. Divided into a bunch of different categories, there are hundreds of stories of complete cluelessness from tech support people such as, “My terminal is smoking and shooting sparks. Should I unplug it?” Drop on by for a heapin’ helpin’ of stress relief.

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