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October 1996




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Wishful Thinking

by D.M. Kraig,

The ads that people remember and think about - 1984, I'm going next door because they have a Mac - have all followed the advertising paradigm, "don't sell the steak, sell the sizzle." And yet, 99% of all of Apple's ads have been about the wonderful features of our fave 'puter. My suggestion is something that combines the two with the tag line:

"It's a Mac" spoken with an air that seems to say "of course! Didn't you know?"

Example: A person puts a CD-Rom in his drive and starts fumbling though trying to get it started. Somebody else sits down, puts a CD-Rom into a drive on his computer and goes to work. "How do you get multimedia to work so easily," whines the first . "It's a Mac," says the second, surprised that the first doesn't know.

Example: A clock in the room is moving as person opens his Wintel, puts in a new modem card, and then sits down and tries to set it up. An hour later, the first person looks bedraggled when another person comes in, plugs in an external modem, installs the software and accesses the internet, all in under five minutes. "How did you do that so fast?" asks the first. "It's a Mac," shrugs the second, with the attitude that it should be obvious.

Example: A man opens his Wintel, struggles through installing a new hard disk. Again the clock in the background moves. An hour later he reads "make sure your jumpers are set and that there is a line in your win.ini file so that the drive will be recognized. Ahh!" Then he watches as a child comes in, plugs in a new hard disk drive to the back of a Mac, turns it on and accesses it. "How did you do that?" asks the first. "It's a Mac," shrugs the kid.

Bumper stickers and slogans everywhere:

"How did you do that? It's a Mac!"

[apple graphic] Wishful Thinking is a space for Mac enthusiasts who know exactly what Apple's advertising should be. Did you come up with a great advertising tag line? Have you had a Mac campaign stewing in the back of your mind for a year now? Send your ideas, or your art, to

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