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ATPM 2.10
October 1996




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I enjoyed your review in ATPM this am. I too, enthusiastically enjoy this product and only craved something like it after Thunder 7 had disappeared from shareware sources on the net.

I'll share my experience with you. I have a Performa 476 (68LC040-25Mhz), 20 RAM, system 7.5.3R2 and no virtual memory. I always install software while running a minimalist system, courtesy of another C&Green product, CC3. Was I ever shocked when I double clicked on the spellcatcher control panel for the first time and got a message that spellcatcher wasn't installed, try restarting, etc.

Well, rebooting with only my minimal system and spellcatcher control panel worked just fine, so it did install. Great, an init conflict most likely. I had a hunch, however, that perhaps my usual 5-6 mb system with all sorts of inits had too many items that wanted space on my 14", non-multisync monitor's menu bar. That seems to be it. I used CC to make sure that spellcatcher loaded before other things "up there" and disabled those that weren't "essential." That fixed it, but had I not had a couple of years experience using a Mac, I think that running a conflict test, etc. would have been tedious and less useful.

Scott L. Horton

As a longtime fan of Thunder7, I was delighted by your review of SpellCatcher except for one inaccuracy. You write about the Ghostwriter option, "The only thing that I don't like about it is that there is no option to temporarily disable it with a keystroke." Yet right there on your screen capture of the Ghostwriter dialog is an on/off keystroke command! (Set to Command-Control-G by default.) Thunder 7 works the same way and even changes the lightning bolt menu icon slightly so you can see at a glance whether Ghostwriter is on or not.

Also of note: if you set Ghostwriter to "delete files smaller than 50 characters" it won't save passwords typed in dialog boxes (unless your passwords are longer than 50 characters).

Actually, I can't fault you too much for missing these features — SpellCatcher (T7) is so feature-packed it boggles the mind. Every time I think of a cool new feature that it should have, I check it and sure enough, it already does that!

Marc Zeedar

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