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ATPM 2.10
October 1996




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MacMan to the Rescue

by Mike Shields,

Normally, since this would be the last issue of ATPM before the elections, I would've done MacMan's first annual reader's poll. However, our esteemed editors have stated we're doing that next issue.

So, since I'm recovering from my experiences last month, I'll do one of those types of columns that us columnist types do when we don't have a topic. So, here it is:

Macman's First Annual Random Thoughts Column

Scott's home. Thanks again for all your prayers and well wishes. He's gaining about an ounce a day, and is hovering at six pounds as I sit here tapping keys randomly.

Well, since this is an election year, and since I don't wanna ramble, to see how I'm voting, check out The short form is, I don't believe that I can support a family of four on a single income under the current administration.

For those of you with Open Transport problems/questions that I haven't answered in the past, your salvation should come with OT 1.1.1, available on Oct. 28, or a week from when I've written this.

Spent a wonderful Saturday night with people I barely know from a listserv I subscribe to. (Yes, he's ended a sentence with a preposition.) If you enjoy e-mail, and you have a hobby, there's a probably a listserv for you. Check out: for an available list.

System 7.5.5 available at the Apple sites for download. Be careful, there's a trick to installing. I know, the Huge machines aren't taking kindly to it.

A random internet statistic: There are over 316,000 .com domains. So, if everyone with a dot com domain sent two dollars, I could make my film. Read the script at Drew's Scripts-O-Rama:

You can't go home again, part one: The same Saturday night I spoke of earlier, I walked through Westwood Village, and besides the theatres and Aahs, I didn't recognize any of the restaurants or shops.

RTFM, read the friendly manual, takes on a whole new meaning for the piece of software I'll be reviewing in a few months. Not only do I have to absorb the 300+ page manual, I'm also attending an eight week course in how to use it.

The review should appear in the February issue, which marks my one year anniversary with ATPM.

I'm not the philosopher I thought I was. I've run out of random thoughts, and I'm only half way done.

Only one user question this month. So, either again your Macs all work, or you've defected to the almost 30 MacIntosh newsgroups available on the 'net...

Magazines I subscribe to, in no particular order: MacUser, MacWorld, MacAddict, MacWeek, (sense a theme here?) Wired, Internet World, 'Net, DV, Interactivity and several others that just keep coming and coming....

If you can't find a web address, a good bet is:

You can't go home again, part 2: The theatre for which I used to write and direct, is now part of the saxophone shop that formerly resided next door.

I find the best way to diffuse a flame war, is to take a post totally out of context. Try it! You'll like it!!!

I'm sitting up at 1am typing this, instead of catching up on some much needed sleep.

Last week, on the same day, I find out Huge I/T has decided that the Mac platform will go away in three years, even though Apple posted a $25 million profit this quarter, and Gareth Chang, one of the many veeps here at Huge, has been appointed to the Apple Board of Directors. Go figure...

The average working individual, if successful, can have six phone numbers: Home, Office, Fax, Pager, Cellular Phone, and lest we forget, Modem....

The world gets smaller. After going to my dentist last week, I fixed his aunt's computer back at work an hour later...

To put it all in perspective, Michael Jordan makes $78,000 a minute...

And finally, there's no greater feeling, than having a kid fall asleep in each of your arms...

To Be, Or Not To Be

Ok, this question has to do with Stuffit 4.0, but hey, it's out, and time is running late....

What exactly is Stuffit and which Stuffit version do I need to download a screen saver from the net to my Mac? Terena Bell
"Writers are made because anybody who isn't illiterate can write, but geniuses of the writing art like Melville, Whitman and Thorau are born."

Jack Kerouac

Terena! Thanks for asking a question this month! As yours was the only one to come in, you get my full attention, such as it is. Anyway, to answer your question, Stuffit Expander is a fine (shareware) program from Aladdin Systems that allows you to compress files, thus saving you much disk space, that you can use for the important things, like, games, for instance. The current version available is 4.0.1, from their website: Aladdin also sells a commercial product called Stuffit Deluxe (reviewed in ATPM 2.05). You need to use only one these programs if the screen saver you download is in fact, a stuffed volume. Otherwise, just go ahead and download it normally!
Love your sig file, btw.

So, that's it for this month. Coming next month: MacMan's first annual Reader's poll!!!

Mike Shields is a perspiring Screen Writer who needs $600,000 to produce his recently finished screenplay. He can be reached at or Or, if you just have a Mac question, that's ok, too. [apple graphic]

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