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ATPM 2.10
October 1996




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We told you it wouldn't be scary. Well, at least not for Mac users. If you're in the Wintel camp I guess it's a pretty horrifying thought. All we can say to our Pentium pals is: Happy Halloween. Apple's alive and well.

If you really want to give the Wintel people in you life a good scare show them Apple's cool new financials. The Mac world is now better, stronger and our processors are a lot faster. If they still want to compete, well, as Dirty Harry used to say in the movies as he talked through his clenched teeth "Go ahead...make my day!"

For those of you who may have missed the news, below are some of the highlights of Apple's quarterly performance for the period that ended September 27, 1996:

  1. Net income for the quarter was $25 million.

  2. The Company achieved $410 million in positive cash flow from operations during the quarter.

  3. Revenues increased from $2.179 billion in the June quarter to $2.321 billion in the September quarter.

  4. Sales in the US K-12 education market were higher this quarter than in any other quarter in the Company's history.

What more could we possibly add to that? Hee, hee, hee.

Onward and Upward...

This issue of ATPM marks the first "official" release of ATPM by the new publishers and producers (we've been at it unofficially since the June issue). ATPM is now an MT/RPL Production. It doesn't mean any major changes to the e-zine but it does mean a lot to us. We're very proud of our work and we appreciate your continued support.

Graphically Speaking...

We do need cover art for each month. As this issue's graphic suggests, we're looking for an "artful" way to make our point. Just think of it as an electronic canvas which covers the world (wide web). It's also an opportunity to have your work viewed by millions (OK, thousands) of people with extraordinary taste evidenced by the personal computer they choose to use and the quality e-zine they choose to read (we just had to add that).

Speaking of reading, we also need writers. Our 'rithmetic tells us that there's more talent among our subscribers than has come forward to date. Now that the 3 "R's" are covered, we'd also like to "review" our other reader requests. We do need reviewers and for those of you in the software business (the domain names are a subtle clue), we do review the stuff that's sent to our e-mail box. This ain't new math: reviews + readers = potential sales. We don't "sell our readers short" so there's no guarantees, just an honest word if we think it helps their personal computing experience. Enough said.


Or should we say "H.M.?" Our semi-regular writer and all-around Mac enthusiast H.M. Fog (good ol' "H" to his pals) has offered to serve as interim Cover Story Editor until another reader comes forward to assume the post. We're getting just a wee bit suspicious of him. He tends to enjoy this a bit too much (he's promised us a new bi-monthly column as soon as a replacement editor is found). But for now we'll think of him as our "pseudo" cover story editor.

This should not be confused with the "pseudo" operating system offered by our friends from around the 47 parallel. There are reports from Redmond that Windows '95 is considered a technological dead-end. Hmmm, we seem to recall tens of millions of Mac users saying the same thing over a year ago. So watch for a "quiet" transition to Windows NT for the full line of Wintel machines. We'll see how "quiet" consumers are about it. We'd like to say we told you so but for now we'll just sit back, have a cup of Cappuccino and talk softly about "Harmony" among our friends.

One Final Note...

It's a classic time of year to really "chill" the competition and start "talking turkey" about our Macs and the real personal computer experience. But we'll let our e-zine do all that for us. That's why this month's issue is called the "Fall Classic." In addition to our regular columns, we have a few new articles just for you, our loyal readers. Thanks again for your support.

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