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ATPM 8.05
May 2002



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Welcome to issue 8.05 in ATPM parlance. In reader-speak we’ve dubbed this the official “May Not” issue of ATPM. The title ties in with the month. May is the month of flowers and Apple and its products seem to be blooming all over the place. It’s the May not issue because with Apple, Mac enthusiasts may not assume anything, even the end of CRT computers bearing the Apple name.

The eMac

Just before press time Apple announced the eMac, an all in-one G4 desktop that we may not call an iMac even though it looks like an iMac with a 17" CRT display. Consumers outside of education may not be able to buy one.

The eMac starts at $999 in the education market and my not be the answer to every educator’s needs, but the price combined with the power of a G4 processor makes a powerful statement to Apple’s education market competitors: You may not tread on our turf and you will not undersell us on price.

Quarterly Results

In mid-April Apple announced its results for the first calendar quarter of 2002 (the company’s 2nd fiscal quarter) that beat Wall Street estimates. The company earned $.11 per share, compared to Wall Street’s expectations of $.10 per share. During the quarter the company shipped over 800,000 new Macs, including 225,000 of the new-fangled iMacs with the swivel arm and LCD display. In the conference call with analysts, however, company executives said that analysts and investors may not look at the quarter’s results as a harbinger of future results. We may, however, count on Apple to surprise customers and investors with new products, like the eMac, as the company works to increase its market share.

While we may not know what everyday will bring for Apple and its customers, we do know you may wish to keep reading our official May Not issue of ATPM. It’s full of handy tips and information about everything Mac.

Our official May Not issue includes:

Beyond the Barline: The Samples Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent

It’s all about context. David Ozab explains all about sampling and other techniques to make music your own. Mozart did it all the time!

The Candy Apple: Let’s Talk About Work Ethic

Should you be reading ATPM at work right now? Ellyn’s column explores issues of right and wrong.

The Legacy Corner

Chris Lawson continues his Legacy Corner with more tips, trivia, and a close look at that great Mac, the 9150.

Segments: Memories of My Life Since Buying an Apple Macintosh 6500/250

What was your first love, Mac-wise? Trixie McGuire goes down her memory lane to reminisce about her computer experiences.

About This Particular Web Site

This month’s ATPW looks at manuscripts from the middle ages, news from the nineteenth century, and books released into the wild. There’s also a site with technical information geared towards nonprofits, and an exhaustive list of useful Mac key sequences.

Profiles in Networking: Quadra and Performa 630

Profiles in Networking travels back in time to 1994, profiling the home-user friendly Quadra 630 and its offspring, the Performa 630 series. With most models still in use today, the good news is that Ethernet is just an expansion card away.

Roll Your Own: The Ultimate Customization

So you wanna be a programmer, huh? In the first in a series on programming your own software, Charles Ross introduces the basic concepts of this Black Art. So, if you know that AppleScript is not the text of Steve Jobs’ next Keynote…and you care, read on!

Report: IPEX 2002—Birmingham NEC

We must not forget that Macs are everywhere. The IPEX Trade Show is called “The Global Technology Event for Print, Publishing, and Medias” and Chris Ward visited the latest iteration to see how Macs fit in.

Desktop Pictures: Los Angeles

Paul Fatula recently visited the city of LALA and took some great pictures. Add them to your collection!

Review: Black & White 1.1.3

Did you like the movie The Lord of the Rings? Gregory Tetrault checks out this wannabe real-time strategy game of warlords and myth. His opinion has no shades of gray.

Review: Bridge Baron 12

This computer bridge game has been around for two decades and, according to Ellyn Ritterskamp, it’s still going strong.

Review: Mail Beacon 1.4.2

Eric Blair takes on the latest version of Mail Beacon, a lightweight e-mail client for the times when a full e-mail client is overkill.

Review: Sheep

Paul Fatula reviews Sheep, an entertaining cartoony game that challenges you to be a shepherd, guiding incredibly stupid sheep through varying obstacles, so they can return to their home planet.

Review: StoryBoard Quick 3.2.1

You’ve seen how Hollywood uses this technique to flesh out and organize a movie. Mike Shields looks at this previsualization software to see if it can help you become the Visual Hub’s next Fellini.


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