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May 2002



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About This Particular Web Site

by Paul Fatula,

Magical Macintosh Key Sequences

OK, so we all know that if you want to boot your Mac from a CD, you hold down “C” while the computer boots. But did you know you can hold down the mouse button on startup to eject removable media? This site gives an exhaustive list of Mac key sequences, many of which are little-known (at least to me), both for starting up and for things you can do once you’ve booted.

Det Kongelige Bibliotek

No, I can’t pronounce it either. This page is home of the Manuscripts collection of the Royal Library in Denmark. It offers original manuscripts, in “digital facsimile” form, dating back as far as the Middle Ages. Of course viewing a Web page can’t compare to actually holding an 800-year-old manuscript in your hands, but it can show the beauty of the original document, and allow it to be studied by all who are interested, without requiring a trip to Denmark or endangering the original manuscript.


It’s probably obvious to anyone who sees my apartment that I don’t really know what to do with a book after I’ve read it. BookCrossing offers an interesting suggestion: label it (with a unique ID number they provide) and release it “into the wild.” OK, but why do you need a Web site for that? BookCrossing’s ID number lets whoever picks up the book go to the site and comment on the book, and then you get an e-mail to let you know your book has been found. Then it can be passed along to someone else. If you’re lucky, that is. The site’s number one releaser has let go 93 books, but only one has been found by someone who checked in at the Web site.

The Collins Library

Every day, this site posts an excerpt from an old book, magazine, or newspaper, giving an interesting glimpse into the past. Avoiding the major historical events in favor of the obscure gives, I think, a better impression of day-to-day life. The old articles also show how writing style, and the English language itself, has changed over the years. The first print book in the Collins Library, a reprint of an 1855 Portuguese-English phrasebook, which is a classic of mistranslation, was recently released and is beautifully absurd.


Billing itself as “the technology place for nonprofits,” this site offers general technology news, message boards, and the like. What will be most useful to nonprofit organizations is the opportunity to buy software at highly discounted prices available only to nonprofits. There is also a number of sample worksheets designed to help you better run your organization. If you need more help, there’s also a list of consultants that work with nonprofits.

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