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ATPM 6.07
July 2000


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Trivia Challenge

by Edward Goss,

Sports Shorts

This is the latest in ATPM’s series of Trivia Challenges. Answers to this month’s Trivia Challenge will be found in the next issue of ATPM. If you have any suggestions for future Trivia Challenges, or would like to contribute a Trivia Challenge, please e-mail me at

I’m afraid there were no winners in last month’s Trivia Challenge, “Didn’t I Know You When?” Try again! This month’s prize of a dynamite ATPM T-shirt goes to the first two correct entries I receive at Individual readers are eligible to win only once every twelve months.

This month’s Trivia Challenge is a potpourri of sports questions. So, fire up the remote, tune into SportsCenter, and see if you can answer the questions in:

Trivia Challenge 6.07—Sports Shorts

1. Who was the last Major League Baseball player to hit .400?
A. Luke Appling B. Ted Williams C. Honus Wagner D. Rod Carew
2. How many no-hitters did Nolan Ryan pitch in his career?
A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8
3. In 1964, Sandy Koufax, Elston Howard, Jim Brown, Oscar Robertson, and Cookie Gilchrist all were voted Most Valuable Players in their respective leagues. Amazingly, they all wore the same uniform number! What was that number?
A. 6 B. 12 C. 23 D. 32
4. Who is the only NBA player to average a triple-double for an entire NBA season?
A. Oscar Robertson B. Jerry West C. Julius Erving D. Magic Johnson
5. Which of these sports requires the largest playing field?
A. Soccer (Football) B. Polo C. Baseball D. US Football
6. What major pro sports team holds the modern day record of going 35 games without a loss?
A. Utah Jazz B. NY Yankees C. Chicago Bulls D. Philadelphia Flyers
7. Who is the oldest Major League pitcher to win the Cy Young Award?
A. Gaylord Perry B. Roger Clemens C. Lefty Grove D. Sandy Koufax
8. What player’s silhouette is on the official Major League Baseball logo?
A. Pete Rose B. Ted Williams C. Harmon Killebrew D. Reggie Jackson
9. What player’s silhouette is on the official NBA logo?
A. Jerry West B. Michael Jordan C. Bob Cousy D. Ted Williams
10. What Major League pitcher won the most games (26) in one season without winning the Cy Young Award?
A. Don Larsen B. Juan Marichal C. Luis Tiant D. Bob Gibson
11. The score in a forfeited baseball game is recorded as 9-0. What score is recorded in a forfeited football game?
A. 7-0 B. 6-0 C. 3-0 D. 2-0
12. Who was the first NHL player to score 50 goals in a season?
A. Bobby Hull B. Wayne Gretzky C. Gordie Howe D. Maurice Richard

Last Month’s Answers: TC 6.06—Didn’t I Know You When?

1. Father Guido Sarducci C. Don Novello
2. Sinbad M. David Adkins
3. Meatloaf H. Marvin Lee Aday
4. Akebono R. Chad George Rowan
5. Brigitte Bardot I. Camille Javal
6. Blondie N. Deborah Harry
7. The Edge S. David Evans
8. Darth Vader D. Anakin Skywalker
9. Jesse Ventura O. James George Janos
10. Dr. John T. Mac Rebennack
11. Ringo Starr E. Richard Starkey
12. Sting K. Gordon Sumner
13. Keb’ Mo’ G. Kevin Moore
14. Roy Rogers A. Leonard Slye
15. John Denver Q. Henry Deutschendorf, Jr.
16. Marilyn Monroe B. Norma Jean Mortenson
17. Mickey Rooney J. Joe Yule, Jr.
18. Ayn Rand P. Alisa Rosenbaum
19. Dr. Demento L. Barrett Hansen
20. Bob Dylan F. Robert Zimmerman

The Rules

Each question has only one correct answer. The answers are stored in a hermetically sealed envelope guarded by a playful Siamese cat named “Bonnet” who lives in our house.

This Month’s CD Recommendation

Redux” by The Reducers. Formed in the Summer of 1978 in New London, Connecticut, The Reducers have proven over the last 22 years that they are one of the best hard-driving rock ’n’ roll bands around. “Redux” is an anthology of 29 tracks covering the first ten years of their career, featuring music from their first three LPs, rarities, and previously unreleased tracks. As Lou Reed put it, “You can’t beat two guitars, bass, and drum.” The Reducers prove him right with every tune. “Redux” is especially for those of you who think Green Day invented this kind of music.

Parting Pointer

The “Parting Pointer” is ATPM’s “Tips and Tricks” section. If you have a pointer you’d like to share with other readers to make their Mac experience easier or more enjoyable, please send it to me at Here’s this month’s “Parting Pointer”:

Elementary, My Dear Watson

Users of Mac OS 8.5 and above have one of the most powerful tools Apple has ever provided: the Sherlock search program. You can easily create customized, individual searches and save search parameters for later use. You can find out a lot about Sherlock at Apple’s Sherlock Web site. Hint Hint Hint: You might even be able use Sherlock to find the answers to some of the Trivia Challenge questions!

appleCopyright © 2000 Edward Goss,

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Reader Comments (6)

Dr Faisal Gabbani · July 5, 2000 - 01:01 EST #1
ATPM is a great info source for me and my friends here who used Macs since 1984 (128K). However, I notice that your coverage of the international Mac is null. ie, what apps support Arabic? Is this new app WorldScript compatible. Thanks for considering.
Daniel Chvatik (ATPM Staff) · July 6, 2000 - 01:01 EST #2
Thank you for your feedback. We would gladly try to improve our international coverage, but in most cases our staff members simply lack the qualification and testing resources to report on the international aspects, such as proper support for other languages. We are trying to improve in areas where we can, such as by introducing a new links section with country- specific information.
anonymous · October 3, 2001 - 15:07 EST #3
I need the answer for the forfeited baseball/football question. I don't care about last month's answers. I NEED THE ANSWER FOR THAT QUESTION!
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · October 4, 2001 - 00:22 EST #4
Dude ... calm down. You'll essentially always find answers to trivia questions on the following month. Since this page is from an issue of last year, the "next" month is already there. You'll find the answers on the August 2000 trivia page.
anonymous · September 17, 2002 - 18:41 EST #5
The Apple Sherlock link doesn't work.
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · September 17, 2002 - 20:49 EST #6
Well, it is a two-year-old link, after all. Apple was bound to have done some rearranging some time."

Try this link instead.

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