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ATPM 7.02
February 2001


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Trivia Challenge

by Edward Goss,

Answers to “Fun With Numbers”

The winner of last month’s Trivia Challenge, “Fun With Numbers,” was Steve Klein. The answers are:

1. The number of FireWire ports on a Bronze PowerBook. D. 0 (zero)
2. The number of grooves on both sides of a 45 RPM record. F. 2
3. The number of primary colors. J. 3
4. The number of RAM slots in a Power Mac 8500. E. 8
5. The number of Provinces in Canada. O. 10
6. The number of moons orbiting Jupiter. H. 12
7. The speed—in MHz—of a Mac Classic II. A. 16
8. The number of teeth in a human mouth. K. 32
9. The number of ways to leave your lover. N. 50
10. The number of US Dollars in a “C-note.” B. 100
11. The number of laps to complete the Indianapolis 500 auto race. M. 200
12. The number of bones in the human body. G. 206
13. The maximum resolution (in DPI) of an Apple Personal LaserWriter LS. C. 300
14. The Area Code of Cupertino, CA. L. 408
15. The Area Code of Redmond, WA. I. 425

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