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ATPM 6.09
September 2000


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Trivia Challenge

by Edward Goss,

Crack The Code

This is the latest in ATPM’s series of Trivia Challenges. Answers to this month’s Trivia Challenge will be found in the next issue of ATPM. If you have any suggestions for future Trivia Challenges or would like to contribute a Trivia Challenge, please e-mail me at

I’d like to congratulate last month’s Trivia Challenge winners: Charlie Campo, from the great state of Maine, and Michael Josephy from Costa Rica. This month’s prize of a dynamite ATPM T-shirt goes to the first two correct entries I receive at Individual readers are eligible to win only once every twelve months.

This month’s Trivia Challenge is a match-the-code-name game. On the left are names of Apple PowerBook models, and on the right are their development code names. So put on your Commander Cody Secret Decoder Ring as you take part in:

Trivia Challenge 6.09—Crack The Code

1. Hooper      A. PowerBook 100
2. Mighty Cat      B. PowerBook 165c
3. Wallstreet      C. PowerBook 170
4. Lombard      D. PowerBook 190
5. Omega      E. PowerBook 540
6. P1      F. PowerBook 1400
7. Rosebud      G. PowerBook 2400c/240
8. Monet      H. PowerBook 3400
9. Blackbird      I. PowerBook G3/233
10. Epic      J. PowerBook G3/333 “Bronze”
11. Road Warrior      K. PowerBook G3 400/FireWire
12. Pismo      L. iBook

Last Month’s Answers—6.08—Sibling Search

1. James Taylor      D. Livingston
2. Duane Allman      L. Greg
3. Wilbur Wright      E. Orville
4. Don Everly      I. Phil
5. Johnny Winter      N. Edgar
6. Rusty Wallace      J. Kenny
7. Jimmy Carter      H. Billy
8. Michael Schumacher      A. Ralf
9. Branford Marsalis      O. Wynton
10. Brian Wilson      C. Carl
11. Jeff Bridges      B. Beau
12. Satchel Paige      M. Virgil
13. Joe diMaggio      G. Dom
14. Doug Flutie      K. Darren
15. Dizzy Dean      F. Paul

The Rules

Each question has only one correct answer. The answers are stored in a hermetically sealed envelope guarded by a crafty Siamese cat named “Chewie” who lives in our house.

This Month’s CD Recommendation

Here’s To Ben” by Jacintha. Hats off to fellow ATPM staffer Evan Trent for alerting me to this interesting set of Jazz and Pop standards by Singaporean Jacintha. Supposedly a tribute to the legendary Ben Webster’s vocal style, it sounds more to me like a set of familiar songs that Jacintha can sing comfortably, allowing her liquid voice and phrasing to get the message across. No matter the inspiration, the result is an album sure to please, whether you need inspiration or you’re just mellowing out. Highly recommended!

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