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ATPM 2.12
December 1996





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Wishful Thinking

by Scott Hennessey,

[wish graphic]

Hi. I just got done with your 2.10 issue. As before, [I] enjoyed reading it and sharing it with other Mac buddies. My reason for writting now is [I] think Apple should do a [visually] stimulating commerical showing how easy it is to go out [on the Internet using an Apple computer (with the Doors' classic song "Break on Through to the Other Side" as background music).....Tell you what, have Apple call me I'll shoot their] commerical under budget, just to show [everyone] out there [just] how click and go really works!!!!! Have a nice Mac day. -Scott

Perhaps Apple has been reading our Wishful Thinking section. They recently announced a contest where Mac users can suggest ideas for advertisements. Check out Apple's Dreams Contest page at

[apple graphic] Wishful Thinking is a space for Mac enthusiasts who know exactly what Apple's advertising should be. Did you come up with a great advertising tag line? Have you had a Mac campaign stewing in the back of your mind for a year now? Send your ideas, or your art, to

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