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ATPM 2.12
December 1996





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Segments: Slices From the Macintosh Life

by Belinda Wagner,

Response to Neale


First things first....are you as cute as Ross?

Ahem, OK, now that we have that out on the table, a big hearty Thank You! for such a thoughtful, articulate response to our polling for ideas about the soon-to-be- unveiled ATPM Education Column!

We actually had a number of good suggestions from our readers, but your e-mail was such a excellent segue between my 2.10 article and the Education Column, we just had to use it. As a response, let me share how this project is shaping up.

The column is scheduled to be a quarterly feature. Education, coincidentally, seems to be divided into four epochs: primary, or elementary grades; middle/high school grades; secondary, or college; and post-secondary, or graduate education. The column planned for ATPM 3.01 will highlight cost-effective hardware/software options for an elementary education setting that solve a need to provide access to web resources for remote classrooms, ATPM 3.04 installment will focus on middle/high school issues, and so forth. The platform bias will (of course!) be Macintosh, but some solutions presented will be cross-platform (although I'm sure they will all be easier to implement in a Mac environment!).

We will enlist the participation of our readers in this project, too. If you have a particular educational issue you feel could be enhanced via hardware or software, please share your thoughts with us. I particularly need ideas for the secondary and post-secondary education columns.

Neale, here's where scientists can be heard. I think that science is one area within secondary and post-secondary education where Wintel has failed to gain a firm hold. I would enjoy getting some more details from you or others on how Mac hardware and software is essential to your education/work.

You may have noticed that I used the word "solutions" several times here. There's a reason for that. Debate about education is endless and everywhere. Unless debate leads to action, I feel it quickly becomes stalled as griping. I loathe griping. I enjoy finding solutions. I invite all our readers to join in the fun and help us highlight creative solutions that utilize our favorite platform and enhance the educational experience for public, private, and home-schooled students.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year - see you at the "grand opening!"

[apple graphic] This article is © 1996 Belinda J. Wagner.

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