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Review: Captivate 4.6

by Eugene F. Marotta,


Product Information:
Mainstay 591-A Constitution Ave. Camarillo, CA 93012
1-800-484-9817 (Code 6366)
E-Mail: / CIS: 76004,1525
Retail: $89.95
Upgrade from any earlier version for $35.

System 7.0 or later
1 MB disk space to install Captivate utilities and sample files

Captivate consists of three essential utilities that are indispensable for use in working with a variety of graphic formats. Captivate's suite of utilities can either be used separately or together. They are:

[c3 graphic]

What's New in Version 4.6

The program has been enhanced to allow Power Mac users to capture the cursor (currently, this is something no other screen capturing program can handle). Captivate Select 4.6 offers the option of capturing the active window.


Captivate's versatile and easy to use features make putting graphics into projects needing illustrations (such as: cards, flyers, letters, newsletters) a snap. Assign any key combination you desire to activate a screen capture. Captivate's installation is straight forward. The User's Guide is well written and makes it easy to customize and get the most out of the software. Throw out that piecemeal collection of utilities! Captivate is a topnotch utility that provides an integrated solution to graphics manipulation.

[apple graphic] This review is ©1996 Eugene F. Marotta.

Reader Comments (2)

Meyer · December 22, 2002 - 17:14 EST #1
I have been a fanatic user of Captivate Store for a long time. I am waiting for a new version that is Mac OS X (Jaguar) compatible. Could you tell me how long I will have to wait for it? Many thanks.
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · December 22, 2002 - 19:41 EST #2
Meyer - though this old review didn't have a web address, I did find the site at Captivate is listed on their legacy products page, which means that it's entirely likely that there won't be an OS X version unless Mainstay gets a surge of interest by people wishing for an update.

If it's to happen, you'll need to contact Mainstay via the web site I mentioned, but I'd recommend looking for another solution. Roxio's Toast Titanium 5 includes a software utility called iView. Toast is pretty much a must-have utility for anyone with a CD burner anyway, so iView may be the perfect—and free—solution for you.

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