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ATPM 6.01
January 2000





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Trivia Challenge

by Edward Goss,

Games Galore

This is the latest in ATPM’s series of Trivia Challenges. Answers to this month’s Trivia Challenge will be found in the next issue of ATPM. If you have any suggestions for future Trivia Challenges, or would like to contribute a Trivia Challenge, please e-mail me at

I would like to congratulate Gregory Tetrault and John Van Kammen, winners of last month’s Trivia Challenge 5.12—Match The Monikers. Your ATPM t-shirts are on the way! This month’s Trivia Challenge is a puzzler submitted by French reader Jean-Michel Thudo based on some popular role-playing board games. So pull up a chair, roll the dice, and contemplate your next move as you take part in:

Trivia Challenge 6.01—Games Galore

1. What is the name of the “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” (First Edition) monster who has two antennae and a propeller at the tip of its tail?

A. Mind Flyer

B. Lurker Above

C. Rust Monster

2. In “Stalking The Night Fantastic,” players’ characters belong to an organization called:

A. Bureau 13

B. Nightmare, Inc.

C. Aegis

3. In “Call of Cthulhu,” who is dubbed “He Who Must Not Be Named”?


B. Shub-Niggurath

C. Cthulhu

4. Games are often derived from movies or other screenplays. Which game was released before the movie?

A. Ghostbusters

B. Judge Dredd

C. Dallas

5. Which of these games does not use any dice?

A. Dawn Patrol

B. Twilight 2000

C. Amber

6. “Dungeons and Dragons,” the first role-playing game ever commercially released, was first sold in what year?

A. 1972

B. 1974

C. 1976

7. In “Alma Mater,” players’ characters are:

A. High School Students

B. Clergymen

C. Roman Empire Legionaries

8. “Delta Green” is a source book for which game?

A. Conspiracy X

B. Delta Force

C. Call of Cthulhu

9. In “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons,” which dragons are good?

A. Chromatic

B. Metallic

C. None, all are evil

10. Which is the typical world setting for “RuneQuest” (Second Edition)?

A. The Cassiopean Empire

B. Medieval Europe

C. Glorantha

11. Of these, which is the oldest sci-fi role-playing game?

A. Metamorphosis Alpha

B. The Warriors of Mungo

C. Traveller

12. Which was the first role-playing game based on time travel?

A. Time Ship

B. Time Master

C. Time and Time Again

Last Month’s Answers—Match The Monikers




Louis Armstrong


The Splendid Splinter


Ted Williams


The Refrigerator


William Perry


Mr. October


Reggie Jackson


The Duke


John Wayne


The Golden Bear


Jack Nicklaus


Ol’ Blue Eyes


Frank Sinatra


Big Daddy


Don Garlits




Dwight D.Eisenhower


The Possum


George Jones


The Fonz


Arthur Fonzarelli


The Intimidator


Dale Earnhardt


The Rockville Rocket


Gene Pitney




Julius Erving


The Desert Fox


Erwin Romell

The Rules

Each question has only one correct answer. The answers are stored in a hermetically sealed envelope guarded by a loving cat named “Melissa,” who lives in our house.

This Month’s CD Recommendation

For The Beauty Of Wynona” by Daniel Lanois—the second solo album from the legendary producer (of Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, U2, Robbie Robertson, The Neville Brothers, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris) finds the quirky Lanois delving further into what I like to call “Intelligent Grunge.” Not quite as upbeat as his first release—the critically acclaimed “Acadie”—“For The Beauty Of Wynona” churns deeper into the electronic song construction style that fans have come to recognize as the “Lanois Sound.” With never a normal guitar note struck, intricate and interesting rhythms, and voices stretched and twisted for maximum effect, Lanois has constructed a set of tunes that are bound to elicit reactions—positive or negative, but never apathetic. Not for casual listening, “For The Beauty Of Wynona” will stretch your musical boundaries and reward your listening efforts with a phenomenal array of magical moments. My highlight of the album is “Death Of A Train”—quite possibly the most hauntingly beautiful song ever recorded. Try this for your own good—you can thank me later. :-)

Parting Pointer

The “Parting Pointer” is ATPM’s “Tips and Tricks” section. If you have a pointer that you would like to share with other readers to make their Mac experience easier or more enjoyable, please send it to me at Here’s this month’s “Parting Pointer”:

If you use Apple’s Extensions Manager to control your startup items, here’s a tip to save scrolling time when you are making your selections. In the “Control Panels Disabled” and “Extensions Disabled” folders, create a new folder and name it “Not Needed” or something like that. Place all of the control panels or extensions that you never plan to use into those folders (don’t trash them—you might need them someday!) and restart. Now, when you go to the Extensions Manager, only the Control Panels and Extensions that you actually use will appear in your list, since the Extensions Manager does not list the contents of subfolders. If you ever need one of those “Not Needed” items, just drag it back into the “Disabled” folder that it came from and you will again be able to choose it.

Copyright © 2000 Edward Goss,

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