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ATPM 5.11
November 1999



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Hello from Toronto

I subscribe to ATPM and I enjoy it, and I promote it to anyone who uses Mac! Now, let me say one thing. I want you to write an editorial, and discuss a topic which interests many Mac users! The ever-evolving Mac OS, and the fact that a lot of us don’t need another OS. Please demonstrate some intelligent, multi-sided dissection of the topic.

I don’t need another mindless overly emotional gush about the gooey goodness of Sherlock improvements, etc. I have been running Photoshop and Painter for two years on OS 8. My Netscape browser is great, and I’ve been around the old www in 80 weeks! My neighbour recently bought a G3 and OS 8.1 to conduct his architectural graphic exploits. He mentioned that the OS evolution is a scam. I bought the last OS, give me the next one for $25! I agree. The retailing on Mac OS is a joke, a scam, and a lot of users are sick and tired of it!

Can you guys tackle this topic? I would truly like to read some discussion on this! I am a true Mac lover, and I honestly feel ripped off with this OS escalation.


Jim Brunswick



Copy Editor Paul Fatula is preparing an article somewhat along these lines for ATPM 5.12. Stay tuned.



I have a suggestion for future ATPMs. I am currently using the eDOC version as I love to be able to click on links within the newsletter to directly access Web sites. However, I sometimes find myself wanting to also access the links in the footnotes scattered throughout the newsletter. Many of them are long and complicated, yet the eDOC format does not allow you to click on them. Could these links be made available to us?

Scott Williams


URLs in the footnotes of the eDOC edition are supposed to be clickable. If they’re not working for you, e-mail us at , and we’ll work it out.


Dear Mr. Ozab

I wish you welcome to the ATPM staff! They say, you will deal with musical issues.

I am a man from Sweden, formerly a teacher, now retired. I have an iMAC, OS 8.6, with Internet and e-mail. And a regularly get the ATPM news.

I wish to try to connect my computer to some musical instrument, e.g key-board or synthesizer, in order to make and play music, but I am totally a beginner on this item. I love jazz and blues, gospels and negro spiritual, happy jazz, New Orleans, Dixieland, and Folk music (traditional), and I hope to be able to compose some of that sort.

I play the piano a little. I am not clever at the keys, but I play without keys. I may be helped by the pre-made accords and rhythms on the keyboard.

My questions to you are:

Many Thanks!

Yours, sincerely,

Rolf Bergling


Please see MIDI and the Mac: Part II in this issue.


Sign Me Up

Hi, just a quick e-mail to say thanks for a great e-zine. I only have e-mail access at work (we can’t browse the Web), so any morsels of Apple-related info I can get, come from people like you, who will e-mail their e-zines to me directly. Thanks again. I don’t suppose you know of any other e-zines out there that I could subscribe to, that e-mail straight to the desktop? I already have DotMac.

Anyway, to my problem. The studio I work for has 3 G3’s, and a couple of older Macs (9600’s), and we’re planning to expand next year (G4—can’t wait!). We’re going to upgrade the G3’s to OS 8.6 (we’re holding off OS 9 for a couple of months, to see if they’re any incompatibilities), and I need to know whether there are any major conflicts with any other software. We use all the standard programs, Photoshop, Quark, Illustrator, FreeHand, Norton Utilities, Anti-Virus and we’re running OS 8.5.1. Do you know of any conflicts?

Thanks again for a great service.

Colin Darby


TidBITS, while more of a newsletter than an e-zine, also e-mails issues directly to its readers. Another (not really an e-zine) option is the excellent Mac Weekly Journal, which e-mails setext and PDF editions to readers. We’re not aware of any conflicts among the software you mention.


Corrupt Stuffit Archives

None of the Stuffit files of the recent issue are decodable. I get “archive corrupt” errors. I had to go to the Web page and download the unstuffed PDF. I routinely download and unstuff files from other sources. What gives?

Mike Friese


If you experience this problem, chances are you need an Internet client that can decode MacBinary III files. All the latest versions of the popular browsers and FTP clients support MacBinary III. If you prefer to use an older client, you’ll need to make sure that a recent version of StuffIt Expander handles the MacBinary III decoding.


Download Problems

I have been unable to open the downloaded version of ATPM 5.10, no matter how I try and get around it. The “incomplete file” warning, this time, cannot be bypassed. (Yes, I do have the latest commercial version of Stuffit, which has, so far, been perfect with your ATPM issues.

And the eDOC refuses to open, on account of an “incomplete download” too.

Is this only me? After a 100% success rate with all the other ATPM’s?

Please let me know. I truly value your e-zine, it’s a joy for me to read it every month.

Thank you!

With kindest regards,

Catherine von Dennefeld


Due to human error when we switched Web servers, ATPM back issues were not available for a few days near the middle of October. They’re now available again.


iMate Review

I read your article on the iMate from Griffin Technologies, and I decided to try it out. Just to let you know, the site was real easy to order from, and I got overnight delivery. I downloaded the driver, and successfully connected my Wacom ArtZ tablet with ABD connector to my iMac for the first time. Looks like a good product. Thanks for the article.

Rich Anderson


We’d love to hear your thoughts about our publication. We always welcome your comments, criticisms, suggestions, and praise at Or, if you have an opinion or announcement about the Macintosh platform in general, that’s ok too.

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