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ATPM 8.07
July 2002


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About This Particular Web Site

by Paul Fatula,

Macintosh Tech Tips

There are lots of sites out there that give you tips for using Mac OS X, but most of them tend to be on the relatively non-technical side. This site however offers detailed instructions on how to do complicated tasks like moving swapfiles to a different partition, creating a bootable OS X CD (the difficulty of doing this speaks volumes on how far OS X has to go before it equals OS 9’s ease of use), and removing non-English localization files (with a program called DeLocalizer). Keep in mind you will need to use the Terminal to do some of these things, and Things Can Go Wrong if you’re not careful.

Space Launch Initiative News

In spite of NASA’s pathetically small budget, the search is on to find the next reusable launch vehicle, to replace the aging space shuttle. This page shows you some of the models being considered by the various companies making bids on the job. You can also read press releases relevant to the bids, and view QuickTime movies of some of the proposed spacecraft in action. Just animations though; the real thing is a long way off.

Battery Barn

It may be a commercial site, but it’s really useful. I don’t know why electronic devices can’t use standard batteries, or create a few new standards, rather than using proprietary, hard-to-find batteries, but that’s what they do. I discovered this site while looking for a replacement battery for my old cordless phone. If you need a battery for something, this is the place to look. (There are a few other such online shops, but this one easily beats the competition judging by posts on ResellerRatings.)

North American Lumberjack Guide

Are you a lumberjack? Are you okay? Then in between sleeping all night and working all day, you should definitely check out “the first guide on the Internet devoted to the promotion of timber related sports in North America.” You can find out where the next contest is going to be held, view world’s records in areas such as One Man Crosscut and Standing Block Chop, or follow links to the second through fourth timber related sports Web sites. So what are you waiting for? Get choppin’!

FM Forums

Using the latest version of FileMaker Pro on a high-end G4, it feels a bit anachronistic to fire up trn (a Unix newsreader) and head for Usenet’s comp.databases.filemaker when I need help. Any one of the numerous threads on this site offer more entries than the one FileMaker newsgroup, with posts by hundreds if not thousands of users on topics such as defining fields, security issues, AppleScript, ODBC/JDBC/XML, and relational database theory. And unlike Usenet, forum posts tend to stay pretty tightly on-topic, without degenerating into flame wars or unwanted advertisements.

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