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ATPM 7.08
August 2001





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About This Particular Web Site

by Paul Fatula,

How To Configure Mail Clients to Send Plain ASCII Text

One of my biggest “pet peeves” is when people send out e-mail in HTML format. My e-mail client is an e-mail client, not a Web browser, and it’s enough of a pain to send the e-mail to a browser that I usually don’t bother and just delete the message unread. The great thing about this page is that it includes instructions for a gigantic number of different e-mail sending programs, so I can simply direct e-mailers to this page and odds are that it’ll have the instructions they need for sending plain text. There’s also an examples section, which shows what HTML/MIME e-mail looks like on a text e-mail client, so people can see what you’re complaining about.


Seems like every time you open up a paper, there’s an article about some dot-com laying off workers. If you’re one of them, this site may have just what you need: Market Research for Panhandlers. It contains all sorts of tips and tricks to help make your panhandling successful, as well as survey questions for readers, to find out under what circumstances they would most likely give money. You can also read panhandler’s responses to questions on a variety of relevant topics, as well as statements made by their (to use the site’s terminology) customers.

The Palm Tipsheet

Like ATPM, The Palm Tipsheet is a monthly e-zine, rather than an up-to-the-minute news site. It covers, expectedly, issues of interest to users of Palms (not the things you write notes to yourself on, the…electronic things you write notes to yourself on). It includes, in addition to a monthly feature article, links to news of interest to Palm users, books about Palms, and interviews with Palm users from around the world.

The Toaster Museum Foundation Homepage

Yes, that’s right. Toaster Museum. Take a moment to reflect. The Cyber Toaster Museum offers some history of the venerable appliance as well as pictures of antique toasters dating as far back as 1909. The Toaster Art Gallery offers (of course I’m serious!) a mosaic made from over three thousand pieces of toast, as well as depictions of toasters using more traditional mediums. There’s also an extensive links page, with everything from more toaster museums to toaster haiku.


Just got a new Mac but aren’t sure what to call it? This site has literally thousands of ideas, sent in by Mac owners just like you. There’s a favorites page (with the appropriate icon, let’s hope Apple doesn’t sue them.) listing the top 10 vote-getters (yep, you can vote for your favorite names), or you can simply browse, 10 at a time, through the selections. The real draw to this site, though, is the chance to immortalize your beloved Mac.

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