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ATPM 7.04
April 2001


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About This Particular Web Site

by Paul Fatula,

Native OS X Applications

Now that you have OS X running on your machine, you’d probably like some applications to run on it without having to enter Classic mode all the time. Split up into useful categories, this site gives you a simple list of what’s out there, with links to the developers’ pages. As of this writing, there are over 400 Carbon or Cocoa applications available.

Jay Computer Services

Not the most interesting or the most fun site I’ve ever mentioned on here, but you never know when you’ll find it useful. This Web site offers a number of functions related to area codes and zip codes. Going well beyond the Post Office’s zip code lookup page, this page will tell you what time zone a Zip code is in, show you Zip codes in a particular county, let you calculate the distance between two Zip codes, or even give you a list of all Zip codes within a certain distance (up to 75 miles) from a Zip code you enter. Area code functions let you find Zip codes within a specified area code, and list changes to area codes. Yes, there’s more, but you get the idea.

Infocom Games Playable Online

Remember Zork? The Lurking Horror? The Leather Goddesses of Phobos? Now you can revisit the good old days of computer games, before they were corrupted with graphics and sound. This site tells you about a telnet site (login: zork) where you can play any of the many text-adventure games Infocom put out. The Web site also links to a few Infocom-related sites; and its parent site, along with a daily journal, offers an amusing collection of links including discordian tarot and an adolescent poetry generator.

Symantec Security Updates

To me, this is an amusement site. Symantec keeps technical documentation on a gigantic number of computer viruses, worms, etc. here, almost all of which only threaten Windows-based machines. Each is described thoroughly, and instructions for removal are given. If someone e-mails you an urgent warning about the latest computer virus, you can pick out a key word and search for it here; almost without exception, the virus warnings I get turn out to be hoaxes. If it is real, you can read about how difficult it is to remove, and laugh at your Windows-using friends.

PCL Map Collection

The University of Texas at Austin hosts this site, which makes available some 5000 of the maps in their collection for online viewing. All parts of the world are covered, but unfortunately there’s no way to do a search for the location you’re interested in. Instead, the maps are listed by region, so you’ll have to have at least a vague idea of where a place is if you want to find a map of it. The site also offers an extensive list of links to maps on other sites on the Web.

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