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October 1999






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Other Chess Options

I read your article on the shareware chess options on the Mac, but you missed one important way of feeding a chess addiction.

IMHO, better than either ChessWorks or Yahoo! for network play are FICS (Free Internet Chess Server) and ICC (Internet Chess Club). Both servers support various Macintosh interfaces (my preference is “Fixation”), and both servers have ample competition for players of almost every level (rank beginners will find FICS and ICC very frustrating). The interfaces can be downloaded from the servers' homepages: and respectively.

Tim Kokesh


We’re Glad You Like It

It's almost a year I read your e-magazine and as it never caught up with me I appreciated it for the insightful articles and seriousness.

This issue was a blast, really interesting, funny and nearer to my tastes. I liked most of the articles (I always like them but this time appear more likely ;^) especially the Apple Cider, which remembered my situation and thought out a lot about computer speed and well written programs.

Anyway keep up the good work!

Francesco Zavarese


iBook Color Poll

iBook color question: horrible. I wrestle nightly with that very problem: whether to make a splash at StarBuck’s (tangerine, of course) or conduct a business meeting tastefully, but not so tasteful as a PowerBook (blueberry, I'm sure). The ideal would have been lime, but alas. Maybe next year. Please don't let this categorize me as a subscriber with (ugh) No Opinion.



I've just read your article on the chess games available for the Mac. I've got another contender to add—surprisingly, it comes from New Zealand like I do (no, I have nothing to do with it). RChess (available at the HyperArchive) is perfect for people like me. It has 9 levels ranging from Politician though Lawyer, Hopelessly Drunk, Used To Play At School, Kasparov, up to Tortoise. It's easy to use, relatively easy to look at and has a good range of levels. It's also small—148K.

It gets my vote anyway.

Scott Fannen


FreeMac Details

I thought you might be interested to know the terms of the iMac giveaway reported in your last issue. The details can be found by doing a search of the IDG Web site under “free iMac,” but the essentials are listed below:

  1. Customers must apply for and receive a First USA credit card.
  2. Customers must use said card to purchase 3 year contract with Earthlink (recently announced merger with Mindspring) ISP at $19.95/mo.
  3. 2 GB of hard drive will be reserved for built in advertising. 1/3 of total capacity ouch.
  4. iMacs will be secured from Ingram Micro, for now.

So you buy standard Internet service through a respected ISP at the normal rate, but you still have to give up 2 GB of hard drive space when you only get 6! If you had to be subjected to the “floating ad banner” while on-line that would be one thing, but to be subjected to constant ads anytime you use the computer...that's very annoying. Never mind sacrificing screen space on a 15" screen. Plus you are obviously being monitored somehow, otherwise what's to prevent you from simply doing a clean reinstall to get rid of the pesky ads and reclaim precious disk space? But how are you being monitored? We aren't told and the FreeMac website has no links to privacy or any other type of policy.

You can't really compare this to the PC ‘deals’ that require you to purchase a three year ISP contract (example, eMachine and AOL/CompuServe). Those deals only result in a substantial discount, not a free computer. On the other hand they don't take over 1/3 of your hard drive either. More to the point none of those deals are offered in conjunction with a Mac as far as I know.

I like the iMac, I'd love a free one, but I think I'll pass this time.

Shawn Blake


This information reflects the details of the FreeMac deal as of Aug. 4th. Those details have since changed. See the interview with FreeMac in this issue.


Networking Articles

I have a small question: Is there a way to get all 10 easy steps to becoming a network guru in one PDF sent to me, or do I have to wait 10 grueling months to become an expert. Please don’t tell me I have to wait 10 months!

OK the panic attack is over. Thank you for your time

Rik Acken


Unfortunately, it will take seven more months for Matt to finish writing his ten steps; however, you can find lots of great networking information at his site:


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