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May 1997




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Segments: Slices From the Macintosh Life

by H.M. Fog,

Knock Knock

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Apple who?

Apple Computer.

Apple Computer who?

You mean, Apple Computer what.

OK, Apple Computer what?

It’s a computer company.

So... there are lots of computer companies.

But this one’s different.

How come I’ve never heard of it?

I don’t know. You should have heard of it.


It’s the #1 computer for Web authoring and the #1 multimedia PC vendor in the world.

Oh, so they make PCs?

Over 26 million of them.

Then how come I’ve never heard of them?

You’ve never heard of the Macintosh?

Macintosh? Oh, yeah. I used one in college. Someone told me they went bankrupt.

No, they didn’t go bankrupt.

Then why don’t I see them in any business offices?

Well, they’ve had problems with business.

Why’s that?

People think they aren’t compatible.

Compatible with what?


Oh, the Macintosh doesn’t use Windows?

No, it uses the Mac OS.

What’s that?

A better operating system.

If it’s better, why do people use Windows?

I think it’s because the people who make Windows have a bigger advertising budget.

How much better than Windows is it?

A lot better.

But if it’s that much better, ad budgets shouldn’t matter. I would think word of mouth would sell a lot of them.

But everybody is waiting.

Waiting for what?

For Apple to rewrite the Mac OS.

If it’s better, why would you rewrite it?

To make it even better.

When will it be done?

Apple says next summer, but nobody really knows.

When did they start?

Years ago.

What’s taking so long?

Well, there’s been some changes at the company.

What kind of changes?

Executive changes.

I thought they were #1 at things?

They are.

So why are there so many changes?

Well, nobody seems to know how to sell enough stuff to make a regular profit.

If it’s better a better product, you’d think more people would want it.

I know, but perception means something.

What perception?

As you mentioned, some people think they went bankrupt.

Why don’t they just tell the world that they haven’t?

It’s not that simple.


Because seeing is believing.

Wait a minute...isn’t this the company that was started in a garage?


Weren’t they known for innovation and ease-of-use?


So what happened?

What people think about the company has changed.

What happened to the two guys who started the company?

Well, they left, but now they’ve come back, sort of.

What do you mean, sort of?

Well, they were recently hired as consultants.

Consultants for what?

Who knows?

Who’s in charge?

The new chairman, he’s been there about eighteen months.

What happened to the old chairman?

Well, he was replaced because he didn’t fix the mistakes of the chairman before him.

Is this why they need consultants?

Who knows?

I doesn’t sound like it should be that difficult.

What do you mean?

If you make a better product, people will know it if you simply tell them the truth.

The truth?

Yes. The truth. Didn’t you say seeing is believing?


Isn’t that how the company was started? An easy-to-use computer that made life more fun?


Maybe this is why they need consultants.


Somewhere along-the-line the company got away from the truth.

What’s that?

Any easy-to-use computer that makes life more fun.

Seems simple.

It is.

I wonder how things got so complicated.

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you glad I didn’t say Apple?

Yeah, that would have been real confusing!

[apple graphic] © 1997 H.M. Fog, The Segments section is open to anyone. If you have somethinginteresting to say about life with your Mac, write us.

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