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May 1997




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Wishful Thinking

Apple should hire one of two agencies, both of whom did ad campaigns that smacked of genius. They not only didn’t bore and turn off the general public, people actually enjoyed the ads.

1. Remember the American contempt for the VW bug before their great advertising campaign? Things got to the point where some people even envied Bug owners. Not very many cared about what went on under the hood or how great or bad a car it was...It was a “cute” car, period. And millions of non-mechanical people bought it.

2. IBM has just run a series of TV ads, using people from all over the world as actors, and running clever English subtitles on the screen. I not only did not mute those ads, I often trotted into the room to see them if I was elsewhere. I’m sure millions of Americans did the same.

I never would have bought an Apple if all I had to go on was their advertising. It mostly told Apple owners how clever they were to have bought one. That’s a dumb kind of advertising, when you want new customers.

I have a Mac because my techie friend understood that I didn’t give a darn how a computer works...I just want it TO work. So he got me to sell my last Windows machine. (The first computer I owned was a Sinclair. The first one I ever saw was a roomful of vacuum tubes and on-off switches when I was a secretary at CalTech.)

Carol Aguilar

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ATPM in Switzerland

I just want to let you know that your magazine is being read here in Switzerland as well and thet I do appreciate your work.

Please continue to support Apple; I would hate to have to switch to Windows.

Slobodan Krucican

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