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ATPM 12.11
November 2006


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Welcome to the November issue of ATPM. This issue includes:

Mac About Town: On the Road Again

If you are a laptop user and a traveler, odds are that you have a collection of items you carry with you on trips. Mike Chamberlain spent five weeks in Europe this summer, and shares some insights on what to take (and what not to take) when traveling light.

MacMuser: A Song of Opposites

Written in disgust of vulgar superstition, ode to MyBook Pro and Honda Civic.

Outliners: Writing Environments, Plus Two New Outliners

In this month’s ATPO we take a look at something that has been frequently requested: support for writing. At the end, we’ll say a few things about two new products, EagleFiler and Opal.

Web Accessibility: PageSpinner 4.6.3: Quirky and Erratic

PageSpinner 4.6.3 is quirky and erratic. While PageSpinner allows its users to create the kind of basic, accessible Web page this series has been aiming for, it doesn’t make it very easy, and it sometimes work against the user. My quest continues.

How To: Activity Monitor: How to Keep Tabs on Your Mac

The Activity Monitor is much more than simply a list of active applications. Join Sylvester Roque for a tour of this underutilized application.

Desktop Pictures: Butterfly Garden

This month’s photos were taken by Lee Bennett in a small butterly garden that was temporarily set up in Orlando, Florida.

Cartoon: Cortland

The misery of Cortland’s search for work continues, leading him to Wieser Graphics as well as his first—and second—embarrassing moments with Angie.

Review: EarthDesk 3.5.4

We thought EarthDesk was pretty slick the first time we reviewed it nearly four years ago. My, how time flies!

Review: RouteBuddy 1.1.1

For at last providing Mac-loving GPS users with a mapping tool that doesn’t require a hack to connect a GPS unit, RouteBuddy gets an A for effort. The rest of the report card doesn’t fare so well.

Review: VirtueDesktops 0.53

If you just can’t wait for Spaces in Mac OS X 10.5, VirtueDesktops might be the answer.

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