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ATPM 9.12
December 2003





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Reader Comments (2)

Jason · January 4, 2004 - 16:50 EST #1

To get MySQL, just purchase OS X Server. Granted, the price tag goes up, but the ease of configuring all of the servers are controlled within a few nice, clean programs.

I completely agree with you on the migration tool. Apple has needed it for yeas, but the last time they allowed a company to do it, it was a disaster. I am not sure if that scared people off, or if Apple is trying to make the case that if they give away a conversion tool, it somehow makes the Mac require it to be a switcher. I guess I can see that point of view too, but hope they might look beyond it.

Lastly, besides giving big resellers like CompUSA all this money and resources, give that money back to the smaller official Apple resellers, but to the ones that show a strong desire of really ramping up sales. Because most of the Apple programs within the channels do this only based upon sales, it is difficult to get in front of the curve, and thus one could make the "chicken or the egg" argument. There are a lot of struggling Apple resellers out there that truly want the best for Apple and in turn themselves. They just need a little help at this point. To spend a little money now, will bring in a lot more money.

(I am in no way affiliated with the Apple Channel sales program, nor any Apple Reseller.)

charles ross · April 26, 2005 - 14:34 EST #2
I was an Apple user for 15 years and I LOVED the system BUT HAS TO MIGRATE TO ms/dos to conform to my 'Big Brothers' insistence on perparing our sales material/newsletter on "Publisher." Now, I want to go back BUT am having trouble determining EXACTLY WHAT STEPS ARE NEEDED to migrate to Apple X. HELP

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