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ATPM 8.01
January 2002




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Changing the Default JPEG Opener

A Simple Mac CAD Program?

Think Different

Mixed Networks Make Strange Bedfellows

Macs and PCs Sharing the Same Internet Connection

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Reader Comments (4)

Virginia Dennis · March 3, 2003 - 13:38 EST #1
When I open an e-mail with pictures, it begins to automatically download to the filing cabinet. When I open the filing cabinet, all I get is the letter that came with the pictures. How do I go about getting the pictures?
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · March 3, 2003 - 13:57 EST #2
Virginia - we need to know what e-mail application you are using before this question can be answered. I might could guess CompuServe or AOL, but I cannot be sure. Especially since you only included the first part of your e-mail address in the comment, and not the last part (such as or

Assuming you come back and check this page and not rely on notification (which you're not going to receive due to the incomplete e-mail address), please tell us what e-mail application or service you are using and what version number.
Phyllis · November 17, 2003 - 13:59 EST #3
When I received an e-mail attachment that was a JPG file, I could not open it. I received a message that stated to assign an application to open that file. There wasn't an application assigned to open these files. How do I remedy this situation? Thanks.
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · November 17, 2003 - 14:57 EST #4
Phyllis - if you're running Mac OS 9, open the Internet control panel, click the Advanced tab, then click File Mapping on the left column, locate JPG and JPEG items in the list and set their file type and creator. The type should be JPEG and and creator can be whatever app you want to normally open them. Just click the Select button then navigate to the application you want.

If you're using Mac OS X, just click a file, hit Command I to Get Info, open the disclosure triangle for the Open With section, choose the application you want to use, and, if desired, enable the option to make all items like this open with that application.

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