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ATPM 6.06
June 2000



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Random Desktop Pictures

Enjoyed the article. What you didn’t mention regarding changing the desktop picture was that you can have it deliver random pictures from a folder automatically, at least in Mac OS 8.1. Just open the Desktop Pictures control panel and drop the desktop pictures folder onto the preview picture. Close up the control panel and every time you restart you’ll get a new desktop picture.


An excellent point! I cannot believe I forgot to mention that. —Chris Turner

• • •

AppleWorks 6 Review

Just read your article on AppleWorks 6. I agree with you 100%.

I went and did something I said I would never do. I purchased version 6, sight unseen, when it first appeared on Apple’s Web site.

I usually wait and read the reviews before buying software but this time I didn’t.

“Who’s Sorry Now”?

I noted that you have been using ClarisWorks since v2. I have used it since v1.1.1 on an Apple IIe and IIc back in 1989 and was never disappointed with new versions until now.

Although I didn’t upgrade to each new version (I skipped 3.0) it always suited my needs.

I really am disappointed with this new AppleWorks 6 and have reverted back to 5.0v4 because I’m running OS 9. Also I’m not too pleased with this OS either. Seriously pondering returning to OS 8.5 and AppleWorks 5.0v3. Thank goodness I kept my older CDs and disk images of upgrades.

Lots of things seemed to operate better then, than now.

Thanks for putting into words, things I have thought since installing that piece of crap.

Regards, and keep up the good work. I really look forward to each new issue and keep the older issues for reference.


• • •

Good Ol’ Mac Software

Thanks for your review of Appleworks 6. I think I’ll wait for the next upgrade.

You’ll probably laugh, but I’m still using good ol’ MacWrite Pro, version 1.5v3 from 1994!

I am a high school math teacher. Most documents I write are only one to eight pages long. (Students in my school’s computer writing lab use MacWrite Pro for 30-page term papers.) I cut-and-paste using MathType for my equation editor. (You can Command-click to re-edit an equation.) For graphics, I cut-and-paste using another good oldie, SuperPaint. MacWrite Pro also has a table editor (although you can’t merge cells), spell checker, thesaurus, text frames, and even movie frames.

MacWrite Pro and SuperPaint even work on my iMac DV running Mac OS 9.0.4! They don’t write lean and robust applications like they use to.

The feature I use the most is MacWrite Pro’s handy-dandy little styles window. It’s tiny, out the way, easy to use, and intuitive. The only styles feature I miss is automatic paragraph numbering. (I just hate the way Word does styles and automatic numbering.)

Do you know of anybody else using MacWrite Pro?

Thanks again for the excellent review.

Mark Woodward

Ah, I have fond memories of MacWrite II (and Pro), SuperPaint, and CricketGraph. It’s too bad so few programs make styles as easy as MacWrite Pro; that’s probably a big reason why so few people use them. —Michael Tsai

• • •

Praise for an Old Issue

I wanted to write and congratulate you on Volume 5, November 1999 issue of ATPM. I have not had the opportunity (time) to read “everything” nor to see if there is a newer version, however, I think it’s fantastic to have an e-zine of this caliber that can be downloaded in the .pdf format.

Excellent! Exceptional!

Thank you for making it available to us.

J. D. Tompkins

New Brunswick, Canada

If you sign up for a free subscription, we’ll notify you when new issues are released. —Eds

• • •

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