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ATPM 6.04
April 2000



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Reviews: Updates

A.I.D. 3.0.1

aid30A.I.D., originally reviewed not two months ago, matured to version 3.0. The auction tracker, now described as “auction information databaseTM,” sports several new features since the review, including e-mail directly from A.I.D., full support for Dutch Auctions, six more fully-customizable e-mail templates, and the ability to “fetch” e-mail addresses directly from eBay. A.I.D. also went through several bug fixes since the review and it much more stable now.

• • •

GameRanger 2.0

gamerangericonSince ATPM reviewed GameRanger in issue 5.09, the gaming utility has come a long way. Firewall support was added along the route. Now, with version 2.0, the major new features are a powerful buddy list (for easier contact with your friends), extended information about servers (including ping), a message log, improved preferences handling, improved voice chat options and many other detailed refinements. GameRanger is a bit sluggish to quit, and direct support for private chatting would be nice, but overall it is a great improvement and a wonderful tool for serious Internet gamers and their friends.

• • •

There are far too many Mac products these days for us to review each one, or even keep up with all the ones we have reviewed. Indeed, many shareware authors are revving their products more than once a month! The Update section is where we acknowledge significant new versions of products that we have previously reviewed. If new features, bug fixes, or other revisions are substantial enough to change our assessment of a piece of software, we will generally publish a full review of the new version.

appleSend update information to Reviewing in ATPM is open to anyone. If you’re interested, write to us at

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