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April 2000



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About This Particular Web Site

by David Spencer,

Every day is like April Fool’s Day on the Internet. You never know what’s real or what’s a sham. Either way, it’s usually absurd. That’s what makes this month’s column especially fun to present!

The Web sites mentioned here are not endorsed by ATPM; they are simply suggestions for your own browsing endeavors.

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Packin’ Potty—The Ultimate Portable Toilet

Web Address:

“Emergency” Survival Gear

packinpottyWhen nature calls, the Packin’ Potty will be there for you—anytime, anyplace. Just imagine: you can carry around your very own emergency toilet. It’s carried just like a briefcase. It’s white and, well, looks like a folded up toilet under your arm. Here’s a side benefit for you iBook owners—people will stop staring at your new brightly colored laptop. They’ll be too busy focusing on your new potty.

Web Address:

Smell your mail before opening

dogdooEver play the dog doo in a burning paper sack prank on your neighbor as a kid? The scariest part of it all was running up to the porch (I know from experience!) without being seen. brings this defecating brand of humor to a new level. will mail out moist, fresh dog waste to any address you choose. The packages are sealed and wrapped in such a fashion that it forces the recipient to actually handle Fido’s present before realizing what it is. There are three dog “sizes” to choose from: 20 lb, 50 lb or 110 lb. Obviously the larger the dog, the larger the finished product.

Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum!

Web Address:

Nauseating memorabilia

Yes, there is an actual museum dedicated to motion sickness bags! The curator, Steven Silberberg, has assembled a massive collection of barf bags from airlines, ocean liners, trains, and even the “Vomit Comet,” those astronaut training jets that simulate weightlessness. What an historical treasure trove!

The World’s Best Bubblewrap Homepage

Web Address:

Pop! Pop! Pop! Crinkle, Crinkle, Pop!

bubblewrapFor those of you who love to play with bubblewrap, here’s a Web site where you can learn everything about the stuff. Did you know that there’s a proper etiquette to popping bubblewrap? There are certain methods and styles to popping it that you can try at home as well. You’ll love the guestbook where there’s an active discussion about bubblewrap. Things really get popping when there’s a controversy!


Web Address:

Join the search!

Harnessing the power of hundreds of Internet-connected computers, YETI@Home hopes to discover the whereabouts of a yeti. With this soon-to-be-released software, your computer (equipped with a camera) will scan your backyard for yetis. With the power of so many computers pouring over the images, surely somebody will track down the whereabouts of the mysterious Yeti.

Aliens for Hire Web

Web Address:

They’re just trying to make a buck, not enslave us!

For an out-of-this-world party, hire these guys and girls (or whatever genders aliens have)! These aliens have come from all over the galaxy to be your entertainers. All of these aliens are friendly, social, and promise not to eat your brains.


Genetic Savings & Clone

Web Address:

Man’s best friend can be reborn

When your beloved pet dies, you can have its DNA stored at GS&C. When science advances far enough to clone your pet, you can have Fido regrown. Even if we have the ability to do this kind of procedure, there are some serious ethical considerations. In any event, GS&C promises to wait it all out and when (and if) society accepts this kind of cloning, you can have your pets reborn.

Web Address:

Home of irrelevant postcards boogiecards2

Everybody is sending e-cards these days. There are all kinds of beautiful and clever cards out there to suit any occasion. has lots of e-cards that are just plain meaningless. There’s a collection of fire hydrant cards, piles of rocks, and bread, just to name a few. My favorites are the cows at night.


Web Address:

Apple joins the e-card craze

icardsAs long as I’m covering e-cards and this is a Macintosh e-zine, it only makes sense to mention iCards. We all love our Macs, and anytime we can display our love, we usually do it! iCards is a great way to send a beautiful e-card and tastefully include an Apple logo with the postmark “Hello from Cupertino, CA” in the corner.

Personal Postcards

Web Address:

Artistic e-cards

If you want a little more creativity than what iCards offers, check out Personal Postcards. Right now, there are only nine cards available, but they’re all excellent, and the site is worthy of a bookmark. Oh and by the way, check out the card in the lower right-hand corner. It’s the best, by far!

Dave & Stu: The Premiere Performance Duo of the 90s

Web Address:

America’s Newest Entertainment Duo

davenstuEverybody knows Dave & Stu. They’re the entertainment duo that draws great crowds whenever they put on a show. They follow in the footsteps of entertainment duos such as The Smothers Brothers. The Web site is a bit outdated, but it’s still worth seeing. Check out the site to find out all about them, what they do, and learn about their worldwide tour. (Check out the “Tour” section and click on “Bringing Home The Magic” to learn more!)

applecoreCopyright © 2000 David Spencer. David Spencer has been a Mac advocate since 1991, when he traded in his IBM PC Jr. for a Mac Classic. He can be reached at The Web sites mentioned here are not endorsed by ATPM, they are simply suggestions for your own browsing endeavors.

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