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ATPM 3.06
June 1997




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Now that’s a word we haven’t used at ATPM lately! We’re using it today because we’ve run out of other superlatives to describe how we feel about the upcoming operating systems from Apple! The imminent release of OS 8 and the progress reports on Rhapsody indicate that good things are on the way for Mac users.

There are a lot of cool applications and upgrades in new release that will cost you only a little bit of your cold, hard cash. Keep your eyes on the news and your hands on your wallet! Before you buy anything, take a look at our reviews located inside each issue.

Platform Detente

Can you imagine Rhapsody’s Yellow Box running on Intel PCs, not to mention Windows 95 and Windows NT? In addition, there are new hardware and software solutions that will allow you to use Windows on your Mac OS computer (If you must!). This is all kind of weird to us. One day we’re Mac users “fighting the good fight,” and the next day we have platform “detente.” Maybe the computer cold war is over. That’s good, because the latest hardware for the Mac OS is “red hot.”

We know it’s not always easy being a Mac OS user in a predominately Wintel world. This month’s issue has a story about coping amidst the Wintel madness. In all things, please remember to be patient and kind. We live in a multi-lingual, multi-racial, multi-cultural world. We even have some individuals with multiple-personalities! Why would someone expect that there would be only one personal computer platform? The most effective way to evangelize for the Mac is calmly, gently and politely. The best way to remove a “window” isn’t by breaking it, it’s by removing the underpinnings that give it support. Believe us on this: Rhapsody will be a compelling reason for people to take a different “view” of things. The facts about Mac OS 8 and beyond can already “hold a lot of weight.”

The Artful Dodger

We’d like to thank Jamal, our graphics artist and editor, for his work in ATPM these past few months. He dodges his way around a myriad of responsibilities to bring us a fresh, informative column each month. Last month’s piece on backgrounds was a real help to many of our readers. We think of his column as an integral part of our efforts at “Web beautification.” Help us make the electronic world a better place. Take a look at this month’s column and pass his tips on to a friend.

Don’t forget to put the “Made with a Mac” logo and link on your Web pages. The high percentage of web content created with Macs is one piece of market share data you don’t see in the “papers.” It’s the type of news people may have to “see for themselves.” Take a look at for more information.

To The Moon, Alice...

Actually, we think the sales prospects for Macs and Mac clones really are “out of this world.” In the days when Jackie Gleason played a bus driver (things were more black and white back then), “Big Blue” was at the center of the computing universe. Today, IBM is involved in designing the microprocessors that may have Apple’s competitors “seeing red” and the company’s shareholders a little green. The 604e will soon be replaced by a new series of chips from Apple-IBM-Motorola that still have funny code names (such as G3 and Mach 5) but will help bring the Mac to the next level of performance.

If you have a friend who’s in the market for a Mac or Mac clone, tell them we think now’s a great time to buy! Prices have come down significantly, and the hardware manufacturers are looking to move product in advance of new models and designs that will be introduced in the summer and fall.

And So On...

This month’s Personal Computing Paradigm is the last of a three-part series entitled, “Tuning Mac OS for the Future.” In addition to Michael Tsai’s comments in this column, ATPM is planning to provide you, our loyal readers, with an in-depth look at the future of the Mac OS and Apple’s continuing migration to Rhapsody. We think there is a lot of practical information to be covered in the coming months and we look forward to bringing you our rather unique, sometimes offbeat, often entertaining view of things to come.

One final note: Belinda J. Wagner, our intrepid copy editor, is on a one-month sabbatical from her ATPM duties. Rumor has it that she’s traveling areas of the US east coast by motorcycle. No pager, no cell phone, no CD Player on the ride. In fact, we understand she’s using a camera which requires film! This is all kind of weird by our reckoning, but some people are just drawn to the pioneer days and old fashioned ways.

We’re trying to reach her by CB, but somebody said she might not have “her ears on.” We thought this was a weird comment because we wanted her to use her eyes, not her ears to do the editing. When we looked up the term in a 70's nostalgia reference book we found out it meant her radio might not be turned on. We guess it’s the old fashioned way to say “away from my e-mail for the weekend.” So, if things seems a little strange in the grammar department this issue you’ll know why. Happy trails, Belinda. 10-4, good buddy?

Keep cool in the early summer heat. We’ll have plenty more hot stuff for you next month!

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