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ATPM 3.04
April 1997




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Segments: Slices From the Macintosh Life

by Marius Pope,

I found ATPM on a disc (freebie?) issued with a Mac magazine here in the UK and liked what I saw. So I decided to subscribe and did the necessary correspondence. The next thing I saw was an attachment on my Eudora program which somehow had to be unstuffed (I think). I played around with my computer for awhile. After having it tell me repeatedly I was doing it wrong, I was delighted to see a page of "AFTM" come to life on my screen. Satisfied, I went to bed.

The next day I tried to retrieve "APTM," but could find it nowhere. I asked the Finder, but it couldn't find it either. I concluded that I had inadvertently trashed it (something I'm prone to do), and thought no more of it. Actually, I thought a lot about it, but the thoughts were mostly along the lines of "Man, am I stupid."

A bit of explanation: I'm using a new computer (Macintosh Performa 6320) that I bought when I thought I'd outgrown my previous Perfoma (a 400). My 6320 has a lot of new things on it which I'm just beginning to explore. In my searches for "APTM," (I couldn't remember what the initials stood for) I was referred frequently to the dialog box pointed toward the "Documents" folder on the desktop. Well, having nothing better to do, I explored it.

One list item was "About This Particular Mac 3.01" which I took to be just another informational document about the new features on the PowerPC. Nonetheless, I gave it a look and you can guess what I found....

The point I'm getting to, laboriously, is that learning doesn't come easily to the aged. I'm 76. It took yonks to come to terms with my first Mac, even though I had a son at the other end of the telephone who had been computer- and Internet-crazy for years and said he'd shoot me if I bought anything other than an Apple Macintosh machine. Mainly, I think, the difficulty is a lack of memory, (something I share with computers!) and an inborn resistance common among older people trying to come to terms with new technology.

Anyway, thank you for an interesting read. If you are reviewing an application (or whatever) that you think would interest us "oldies," could you please flag it with a paragraph entitled, "A Word for the Simple-Minded?"

[apple graphic] The Segments section is open to anyone. If you have something interesting to say about life with your Mac, write us.

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Reader Comments (2)

Dan Tobias · March 9, 2003 - 13:18 EST #1
How do you unlock the hard drive on a PowerMac with OS 9? Each time it starts up, it holds and it won't start.
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · March 9, 2003 - 13:33 EST #2
Dan - can you describe exactly what you see as you attempt to turn on the machine? At what point does it stall? Describe what you see on the screen from the moment you hit the power button to the moment it doesn't go any further.

Try turning it on with the Shift key held down. If it goes all the way, then some component (extension or control panel) is causing it to hang and you'd have to go through a series of restarts beginning with all the nonApple startup files taken out and put a few in at a time then restart. Repeat until the stall happens again and you should identify which startup file is causing the problem.

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