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ATPM 2.09
September 1996




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It's September. For students that means back to school. For the rest of us it means back to whatever we do at Summer's end - in the Northern Hemisphere. For our readers down "south" and "down under" we're sure that you're back to something, too, so we think of this as our "worldwide, back to whatever you do, too, companion issue."

News and Views...

The news over the past few weeks have had their fair share of "bytes" into Apple. Of course, were the company called "Peach" we might just "cling" to some of the rumors, but in this case we'll just comment on what we've heard. Think of them simply as "seeds" being planted in the minds of our readers. All set Johnny?

To Be or not to Be...

That seems to be Apple's question. As we go to press there is no new news about the much rumored conversations between Apple and its former executive Jean-Louis Gassée about the Cupertino giant acquiring the much smaller - kind of potential rival but more sort of a friend kind of - company called Be, that just happens to have a native operating system for the PPC platform that can run really cool high-end software. Of course no would think this would be a benefit to Apple in anyway since OS 8 has that definite release date and everyone seems the love the latest beta, right? We'll try and keep you posted.

It's a bird...It's a plane...

No...It's Netscape Navigator for Cyberdog coming to a desktop near you! Netscape - that brash new company that has dared to "spit in the face" of our friends in Redmond and their plans to own more of the web browser market, too - has declared its intention to create a version of its world-dominating internet software specifically for Cyberdog and its underlying OpenDoc architecture. We wondered why Netscape seemed to be throwing our web walking pup a "bone" but then we realized Apple's plans to incorporate OpenDoc and Cyberdog into the OS. Smart move, Netscape. Good news, Mac users.

Proof, readers...

We'd like to thank our readers Belinda, Stephen and Joe for responding to our request for a translator/proofreader. Belinda beat everyone to the reply button so we thought it was only fair to let her be the first to try and translate our written stuff into something that resembles the guidelines for the language commonly called English. She's extraordinarily bright and has more degrees than a Fahrenheit thermometer. Besides, she works with molecules in some kind of a biological setting and we were afraid of what kind of green, growing things might be attached to our parcels if we told her she couldn't do it...

With this issue Belinda Wagner joins the ATPM all-volunteer staff as our "Human Spell Checker." She does the work, she chooses the title. We're kind of cool that way.

Tell a friend about ATPM...

It's also time for our first annual Tell-A-Friend-About-ATPM campaign. The rules are simple. Whoever tells a friend about ATPM and doesn't tell us won't be burdened with receiving anything, especially any notoriety among your fellow readers.

Anyone who tells a friend about ATPM and tells us what they like most about our e-zine may receive honorable mention (along with a copy of their kind words) in our special Tell-A-Friend-About-ATPM e-mail section that may be semi-spontaneously published in a future issue. Decisions made by the editors relative to this kind of stuff are first, foremost and final. Send your contributions to

Be careful what you write. Belinda very much likes ATPM. In her new capacity she reads everything. You never know where that green stuff may turn up.

Bye, now...and please enjoy!

The ATPM StaffApple

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