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ATPM 2.07
July 1996




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Printing Troubles

I have a problem with ATPM. I like it a lot but I can't get it to print right. I don't know what application you are using to compose your great mag but it doesn't work to well on the printing end on my Performa 631CD (which Tech Tool sees as a Quadra 630) and Color StyleWriter 2400.

Since February I have read the zine on screen. Today I had a doctor's appointment and anticipating a long wait thought I'd print out the June issue and read it while waiting.

Tried the print command with all pages selected and froze up. Tried again after force quitting and restarting ATPM, this time using the select all command in the dialog box. Pages started coming out but only with the color graphics, no text. The graphics didn't look good at all so I aborted the printing.

Then I tried the "Output Text" command. Got a generic text file which I could open with ClarisWorks and told it to print without looking since I was running late. It printed three blank pages, left spaces for all the graphics, and some of the text (which I guess was wrapped around graphics) gave me three or four words per double spaced line or about 17 lines per page. Lots of wasted paper but I could read all the articles I think. Noticed all staff member names were not there so I don't know for sure until I look on screen if there was anything else missed.

Hasn't anyone else complained about this or am I unique?

I would strongly suggest you go to Adobe Acrobat Reader as some other online pubs have done, it works great with great graphics, good photographs, and nicely formatted text. It has features which allow you to follow a story through columns and/or pages even in a magnified mode and then return to the start to get another story on the same page. Also has the "Go to Page X" feature. Besides, it will print the pages with no difficulty, just as you see them on the screen.

Think about it, it would make a great publication even greater. Carl Stemler

ATPM is published with DOCMaker 4.6.1, a shareware stand-alone document creator. While it is not perfect, it is the best solution we have found so far. The printing problems you describe are unusual. DOCMaker does seem to have trouble spacing graphics when they are printed, but we haven't had the problems you're describing. There is no way to remove the extra spaces for the graphics when outputting text (other than by hand). Because of the way DOCMaker handles images, we have to add the blank spaces to make room for the graphics.

One of the reasons that we don't use Acrobat now is that the files it generates are large, and it is necessary to download and install the Acrobat Reader, which includes the ATM control panel, several fonts, and uses quite a bit of memory.

However, we are always open to suggestions. We are currently examining other possible formats. If any of you readers have ideas or opinions on this issue, we welcome them at In the mean time, if you can't get the DOCMaker version to print, you can try printing our web page. The URL is

A DiskDoubler Omission

Terrific review of DDPro, Michael!

This is a superior package (especially CopyDoubler) that few people know about. I've been using it since DiskDoubler 1.0 and many of it's features are second nature to me. I'm glad to see a positive review of it.

However, I noticed one omission from CopyDoubler that is a vital feature for me - CD's "Fast Replace" option. When you copy one folder over another of the same name, CD offers you to chance to use "Fast Replace" which replaces only the changed items. I use this feature all the time to back up entire projects (which often contain hundreds of files) to Zip or Syquest disks. The time to copy is reduced to seconds because usually only a few key files have changed since the last backup. This is a Godsend and I refuse to live without CD because of this single feature. Marc Zeedar

Thank you for keeping me on my toes! The Fast Replace feature is indeed one of the best parts of CopyDoubler. It's a shame though, that it wasn't the default choice in early versions of CopyDoubler, and still isn't in Connectix's SpeedCopy. -MT

Thank you!

I was one of the lucky few which Danny wrote a letter to explaining his decision to discontinue publishing ATPM, and I feared that ATPM would die an undeserving death. Thank you and Mr. Leitao for picking up the publication duties. You did an excellent job with ATPM 2.06, such a good one that had one not been aware of the changes in the "top brass," one would probably not have even given it any notice at all.

Besides that, I'd like to say that I heartily enjoyed your column about the IIGS. It was very, very good. I grew up in elementary and junior high school with nothing but bare-bones IIgs's (extra memory? A 40 Meg hard disk? Unheard of!), and spent 90% of the time in the ProDOS environment. I had never even realized such things as a IIgs Finder! I wish I would've been able to use the multiple operating systems and the unique enhancements that you talked about. Even without the frills, though, I could agree with you that the IIgs was indeed a cool computer and a remarkable machine for its time. I remember many of the things you talked about, such as Bank Street Writer, AppleWorks GS, the speediness, the keyboard-combo control panel, etc. Mike Wallinga

IIGS Users Alive & Kicking

I read your recent column about your Apple II GS computer. I don't know if you are aware of it, but there is a users group based in Petaluma, CA (Sonoma County) named GravenStein Users Group. It is roughly half GS users, and their monthly newsletter is split between the GS group and the Mac section. If you are interested, there is a link to their page at: Paul North

It's good to hear that the IIGS is not forgotten. At the moment, several different groups are working to develop an Apple IIGS emulator for the Macintosh. One of the emulators, named Gus, has a programming team including Apple's lead engineers for Copland and Harmony. This promises to be interesting.

Anyone else have stories about their old Apple II's or Macs? We'd love to hear from you.


I got a copy of ATPM and finally had a chance to check it out, and you were right, it's a gem! Keep up the good work and soon the Mac will break some Windoze!! Taryn

We'd love to hear your thoughts about our publication. We always welcome your comments, criticisms, suggestions, and praise at

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