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ATPM 2.07
July 1996




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Yippee!!! It's summer and in July we celebrate Independence Day. In keeping with our cool American tradition, we have declared the July issue of ATPM to be our commemorative "Independence From Themes" issue.

We know what a lot of you must be thinking: that we simply ran out of ideas, or that we are drunk with the success of ATPM and have been too busy opening the many gifts from our devoted readers to care about a theme for our new issue. That's not true. We care at least as much about the quality of our publication as we do about the many fine tokens of appreciation sent our way.

While we're on the subject - Michael, where did you put that latex replica of the Opossum head sent in by one of our loyal subscribers?

Well, it's now official. Our subscriber base and readership census indicates that our overall reach is precisely somewhere between the number of people speculated to have been on earth during the early Jurassic Period (we're not talking the era the film was in first–run release) and the current population of Mainland China. You can quote us on this.

Speaking of movies, have many of you have seen "Independence Day"? How do you like Apple's marketing tie–ins with big budget motion pictures? Do you now believe the PowerBook has the "Power to Save the World"? We found this really great word spelt H-Y-P-E-R-B-O-L-E.

How about "Mission Impossible"? How many of you have read the really poor analogies in the press comparing the title to the prospects of Apple's future success? In our view, the real mission impossible is the latest Pentium box trying to stand straight in the gale–force breeze of those new Power Computing machines as their processors whiz by - Woooooosh!

Now, before you whiz by, please read our sensational July issue. Plenty of hot opinions, informative reviews and heart–moving articles about the personal computer experience. Your continued support is always appreciated.

One final note: As we reflect this month on the experiment called "Democracy" that was started 220 years ago in Philadelphia, ATPM will be ending an experiment of our own. With this issue we are ending our experiment of claiming to successfully punctuate our collective thoughts with the proper and appropriate guidlines for the written language called English. We are, however, looking for a volunteer English Language Translator for our editorial staff.

In that other grand tradition of American personal improvement we have now stated the problem, admitted we're helpless to solve it on our own, and we've reached out for help. (We ran out of free stuff, too.) So, we will no longer be held responsible. We could, of course, try an issue in pig latin - we ope-hay ery-evay ay-day is-ay appy-hay ac-May ay-day. Now that would be a cool custom dictionary! appy-hay ummer-say from ATPM-ay? Enjoy!

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