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ATPM 2.06
June 1996




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Here at ATPM headquarters we thought it was appropriate to report on a nasty, pernicious rumor that our founder and leader, RD Novo, had been locked in our reviews editor's basement and forced to watch endless reruns of Bill Gate's family home movies on one of those Gateway big screen deals until he gave up day-to-day control of our e-zine.

We flatly deny this rumor. Although no one had heard from RD Novo for a few weeks, except the reviews editor and his staff, and although friends and family who have seen him lately are concerned that he appears shaken and keeps muttering about bad backlighting for someone's Hawaiian vacation videos, we are happy to report that the rumor is not true—there is no ATPM Magna Carta.

Now that this rumor has been put aside, there are some unrelated and coincidental happenings at ATPM we would like to tell you about. They are all covered in what's called the ATPM Freedom Act of 1996 that starts out "When in the course of Internet events..." however, we won't bore you with the details. As of this issue, our esteemed founder has chosen to freely and willingly relinquish day-to-day editorial responsibility of our e-zine in order to focus his continuing efforts as writer, publisher, and ATPM ambassador to the world—hopefully selling some of our really cool Only Boy T-shirts while he's out there.

Assuming the day-to-day editorial responsibilities is our reviews editor Michael Tsai (we often wonder how those nasty rumors get started). With this issue Michael's new column called "The Personal Computing Paradigm" will have its premiere. Why are we allowing this? Because we think Michael has something good to say every month. Besides, he's now the editor and we all want to stay on his better side.

Assisting Michael is our new managing editor Robert Paul Leitao. We're fond of Rob but he has a problem. He's a chronic writer. To avoid ATPM becoming an electronic version of War and Peace, we asked him to assume this new post and to hopefully be cured. Every time he volunteers to write more than he's asked, we will threaten him with more names for the ATPM subscription list. We know this may sound harsh or brazen, and we don't recommend you try this therapy with loved ones at home, but we are desperate for a cure.

Keyword: Goodbye

One more note: Mark Starlin, author of the regular Keyword article, and occasional ATPM cover artist is leaving us to devote more time to his own e-zine.

When we first found Mark, he had just arrived from a remote south seas island that didn't have computers, let alone a Macintosh. In the time he's been with us he has been assimilated into society, found gainful employment, started a family, a thriving part-time graphics design business, and his own e-zine: Mac Software Review. If you think we're exaggerating about what ATPM has done for him, check out his publication on America Online, or one of the Info-Mac mirrors.

We contacted the Grand Pooh Bah of Mark's former home to find a replacement. (We think there's something special in the water.) Unfortunately we were informed that there are only 29 people on the island, and only one is allowed out per year in order to maintain human and ecological balance. So we need to draw from all of you, our readers. Don't worry if you have more Macintosh experience than Mark did when we found him, we won't hold that against you.

Contributions and Editorial Positions

In closing, we'd like to say that ATPM was started to be a dynamic, ever-changing chronicle of the personal Macintosh experience. We're delighted with our current changes. We invite all of you to read our e-zine, write an article if you'd like, or simply stop-by, pass-through, and come back again and again. There are however, a few things we hope never change: the freshness of our work, the fun for our readers and the opportunity for the millions of Macintosh users to share a bit about themselves and their favorite computer. That said, we are continuously looking for readers interested in contributing cover art and articles.

We are also looking for people to fill two editorial positions. The Cover Story Editor will brainstorm, write, and edit our monthly feature article. In addition, the Shareware Reviews Editor will write and collect reviews of some of the latest Shareware offerings on the Internet. These positions entail significantly more work than writing and submitting articles, but are also considerably more rewarding. If you have an interest in either one of these positions, feel free to contact us for more information.

Please e-mail us at:

On behalf of Danny, Michael, Rob, Mike, Nancy and Adam, we'd like to thank you for making ATPM what is today. And to Mark: Best wishes. Please feel free to come home and visit from time-to-time.

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