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ATPM 12.10
October 2006



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by Robert Paul Leitao,

Welcome to the October issue of About This Particular Macintosh! We begin our latest issue with a brief look at the state of the Mac and a quick tour of today’s iPod Nation. The autumnal equinox has passed, and its aftermath brings cooler days and longer nights. In this issue we’ll highlight a few bright spots on the fall journey to the holidays.

iTunes 7

Sporting a major version number identical to that of its QuickTime component, iTunes 7 has arrived. This latest release of the popular Windows and Macintosh application has one non-identical feature. The Windows version of iTunes 7 has a curious optional installation. It’s an Apple software updater. Increasingly, the Windows version of iTunes is less of an application that works with Windows and more of a solution that makes Windows irrelevant. iTunes 7 introduces the new movie store and offers several dozen feature flicks from Disney and Pixar.

iMac Migration

The waning weeks of summer witnessed the release of the new 24-inch iMac and the migration of the line to the 64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo. Leopard, Apple’s pending OS X upgrade, will match the new 64-bit hardware with a 64-bit OS. In the meantime, the new iMac gives pro users a great deal to think about. Do they need a Mac Pro for commercial work, or will the new iMac more than meet their needs?

Windows Emigration

The new iMac line gives millions of Windows users something to think about as well. In less than a year, Apple has completed its Intel transition and will soon bring to market a real 64-bit OS for its Intel hardware. The delays in the introduction of Windows Vista and a quirky and awkward 64-bit implementation leave Microsoft years behind Apple in delivering true 64-bit application performance. Watch for a steady rise in Macintosh market share over the next six months as a steady stream of Windows users embrace the Mac. The new iMac is priced aggressively against its competition and makes for a superb solution for homes, schools, and businesses. The ability to run Windows makes the iMac a very cost-effective solution for any enterprise with a volume license for Micrososft’s OS.

iPod Nation Immigration

Day by day the iPod Nation is gaining new citizens. The redesigned iPod nano and iPod shuffle add a new dimension and new depth to the line. There’s much talk about the release of the Zune as an iPod competitor come mid-November. But the Zune is more apt to take share from other iPod competitors than from the world’s top digital music device. Watch for an expanded iPod selection at retail stores as Apple prepares for another stellar selling season. Foot traffic to the Apple retail stores will set records this quarter, and the iPod’s momentum will benefit Macintosh sales. The iPod Nation is not only adding new citizens each day, but the Made for iPod accessory program also makes the iPod’s success the vested interest of dozens of iPod-related product manufacturers.

Share Price Appreciation

Apple Computer ended September with the company’s share price at $76.98 and the company’s market capitalization (the sum value of all outstanding shares) at well over $65 billion dollars and within $10 per share of an all-time high. Investors and analysts see growth ahead for the Mac and iPod maker, and at mid-month the company should report another quarter of significant year-over year gains in revenue and earnings. Revenue and earnings don’t rise when the company’s products stand still or sit on store shelves. Look beyond the popular news to see how fast things might be moving. Expect increases in Macintosh market share to be reported at mid-month, and guidance from management that suggests another strong quarter for iPod sales. The Intel transition is complete, and November and December should be big months for the Mac.

ATPM Cover Art Incarnation

Each month the editors of ATPM endeavor to bring you the best and most informative Macintosh lifestyle magazine in an easy to read monthly format. Frequently we reach out to our readers for contributions of stories, articles, and digital art. This month we are seeking artists to contribute to contribute cover art for our publication. Please contact our managing editor for more information.

Our October issue includes:

Bloggable: Fire in the (AirPort) Hole

Did Apple patch the WiFi vulnerabilities that brought so much angst last month? It’s hard to say. Wes Meltzer finds the argument on both sides and tries to get out of the way this month, with varying degrees of success. Plus, a little extra on historical Mac benchmarks, the cutting edge of Mac development, and the finer points of hat-eating etiquette.

Mac About Town: Dream Machine

Waiting for a new MacBook Pro reawakens memories of Apple’s past and thoughts of Macs to come.

MacMuser: 17″ Is Just Not Big Enough for Some Men

How does one decide between a wide screen LCD monitor and a diesel Toyota Hiace?

Web Accessibility: Nvu: Impressive and Powerful

Nvu is an impressive and powerful piece of software suitable for both those with and those without HTML skills.

Segments: Infinitely Improbable

“Have we chosen a brighter future compared to the alternative universe ruled by Microsoft/Intel? Only the Time Machine will tell.”

How To: Crash Logs: What Are They and What Do They Mean?

Your Mac logs just about everything that happens—including crashes. Here’s a brief description of what the crash logs can tell you.

Desktop Pictures: Germany

This month’s photos of Dachau, Gunzenhausen, and Nuremberg were taken by ATPM reader Robert Reis.

Cartoon: Cortland

Back from his short hiatus, Cortland returns with the story of his college graduation and subsequent hunt for a job.

Review: A Better Finder Rename 7.4

A Better Finder Rename has been a staple utility for so long, some people may not even remember ever not having it in their arsenal. Meanwhile, its developers have continued to add increasingly useful actions, raising the application to the level of a professional powerhouse tool.

Review: iWoofer

Volkswagen’s “Fast” meets the iPod.

Review: Making Music on the Apple Mac

If you’re new to the art of music-making on the Mac, this might be the book for you.

Review: Parallels Desktop 2.2.1848

Parallels Desktop is a useful choice for gaining the ability to run Mac OS X and Windows at the same time on an Intel-based Macintosh. David Thompson feels improvements are needed with memory requirements and file sharing between guest and host operating systems.

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