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ATPM 12.10
October 2006



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by Matt Johnson,


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Reader Comments (1)

Dr Hilary Rhodes · October 1, 2006 - 22:10 EST #1
Dear Cortland,

Nice to see your'e back on track with your cartoon stories. One day, you must publish a hard copy book. I would love to buy one and put it in the college library. This last one will be printed out and put on our college notice board.

I am a tenured teacher at a state government Institute of Technology in Australia. But... I had worked in industry for about 30 odd years before that. Graphic design is a more cut throat industry than it was before the days of computer graphics. In the old days, you had to be really skilled and well-trained to get a job as a GD or Commercial Artist, as everything was done by hand or in the darkroom.

There weren't that many design courses then, either. Now, (as your cartoon shows) everyone and their dog wants to become a designer, and all that is needed is some basic Quark, and Adobe skills to call yourself one. That is why some low quality studios and cheapskate employers make use of this (as you show in your strip).

Good on you for showing things as it is. I had to laugh about the tenured prof. but I am sure he/she worked before getting the job as lecturer. Don't forget, the Design industry is also very ageist, and my final jobs were to do the typsetting and technical work, as it is OK for an older person to do it. Of course, us oldies can't do creative work for an employer, we don't look the part!

On the other hand, we can do other things like publish books.

Best of luck for the future and may you do many more cartoon strips. I especially like the GD send ups and I have some print outs pinned up in my office.


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