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February 2010





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Accessory Review

by Chris Lawson,

Element iPhone Stand


Function: Desk stand for iPhone and iPod touch.

Developer: Keynamics

Price: $30

Requirements: iPhone or iPod touch (all models), may work with some earlier iPods or other smartphones.

Trial: None

Keynamics, the developer of the Aviator laptop stand and the hilariously named Laptop Stand on Wheels, hasn’t been sitting idle as the iPhone accessories market exploded. While it’s tough to claim much in the way of ergonomic advantages—Keynamics’ specialty—with what amounts to a display stand for a phone, the Element is a solid effort when compared to other similar products we’ve reviewed.


It’s simple enough to set an iPhone, even in a case, on the Element.

Available in a multitude of colors at a price of $30, the solid aluminum Element is simple, yet attractive. The open design allows it to work with a variety of devices, including all three iPhone models, the iPod touch, and even some earlier iPod models. There’s plenty of room for your iPhone’s case, too, which is a problem with the aforementioned PED3 stand.

The downside, if you could call it that, of all that room is that the iPhone doesn’t sit particularly securely in the stand, though that’s really a non-issue when the cable is connected to the phone. And it isn’t as though the phone feels like it’s in danger of falling off, even when it’s sitting on the Element by itself. You can type on the iPhone if you want, although I don’t find it particularly comfortable.


The built-in cable management does a fine job of keeping the sync/charging cable out of your way on the desk.

Two keyhole cut-outs in the back of the Element provide cable management. It’s not perfect, but it’s much better than nothing at all, which is what a lot of other stands provide.

There are a couple of clear anti-slip strips, probably silicone rubber, on the bottom of the stand. If your desk surface is reasonably smooth (finished wood is fine; rough-sawn wood might not be), the Element isn’t going anywhere if you bump it. Those strips are surprisingly effective, especially for not feeling tacky to the touch. More weight would make them even better, but manufacturing concerns probably dictated the use of aluminum rather than steel in producing the stand.


The Element’s design is simple and effective.

Want to set your phone in the stand and watch a movie? No problem, just turn it sideways. The tabs on the front are low enough that they don’t interfere with the screen. The Element is great for using your iPhone as a desk-bound speakerphone, too. In fact, other than bouncing around in turbulence, I’d prefer something like the Element on an airplane over the iFlyz (and maybe the In Your Face, too), although it’s not as easily portable as either of those stands.

If you don’t like Apple’s various docks, or you want something that sits a little higher off of your desk and allows horizontal use of your iPhone, give the Element a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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