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ATPM 15.02
February 2009






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Qaptain Qwerty

by Linus Ly,


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Reader Comments (2)

Mark Aufflick · February 3, 2009 - 07:53 EST #1
Cool! I remember going to AUSOM meets (Apple User Society of Melbourne) and everyone brought their Macs and copious volumes of SyQuest cartridges (you couldn't fit much on those 44 Meg ones).

Of course the inverse size rule evel applies within the Syquest family - the larger size being 44 or 88 Mb and the smaller size being 105 or 270 Mb.

Nice reminder in this 25th anniversary era!
Steve Nordquist · February 4, 2009 - 14:16 EST #2
'Conformity palpitates only vexation' is the Goreyesque title one might apply to CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, multilayer and fluorescent, mixed-session/burned-over-quickly media. Perhaps our humble lanky-armed USB keyfob is like that as well.
One is reminded of interstitial fun made on Star Wars where the Death Star Command has a single, well-labeled USB port and R2 makes off with his goods on a 2MB stick.

I had SyQuest Orbs at 20GB. Now that's the size for 2nd grade homework.

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